Homemade Vitamin Water

Make your own vitamin water. Add fruits instead of sugar for a natural sweetener for your H20. Cut the fruit into paper-thin slices or small chunks. Combine ingredients with filtered water. Refrigerate 4-6 hours and serve over ice. So delicious and very refreshing! via. Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Play around with different fruit flavors – I made a mango, lemon, mint and blackberry mix and it was delicious!


RECIPE: Sweet Potato Slices

Sweet Potato will be on my menu list for the next 10-12 weeks so I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen (something I rarely do) in order to find a ‘clean’ and sodium-free way to cooking these bad boys in a way that make my taste buds dance and not curl up and cry.

Here’s my lunch recipe for Mr. Sweet Potato :

  • Slice your sweet potato thinly, not too think that they look like flat potato chips but thin enough to fit through the spokes of your dinner fork.
  • With your nonstick fry pan, slightly cover the surface with grape seed oil and simmer for 1min.
  • Individually lay your slices, covering the pans surface
  • Sprinkle (to taste):

> Cayenne pepper

> Black pepper

> Garlic powder

> Turmeric powder (a small pinch)

  • Drizzle freshly squeezed lemon & lime juice on top
  • Turn your slices once until brown & golden.
  • Using a spatula scoop your slices out and lay on a plate covered in a paper towel, sit for a few minutes and EAT!


TOUGH WOMEN: Dana Linn Bailey

When I first saw this video I watched it 4 times over, back to back, all while thinking, is she for real?!!!!! I was utterly floored and inspired by Dana’s strength and resilience to complete her task …there really isn’t too much to say so instead I’ll end it here and remove my hat because this chick deserves respect! Watch!

Dana Linn Bailey – Physique Competitor, Bodybuilding


What you’re about to watch is Dana complete the following giant set;

  • 20 x bench @ 135lbs (approx. her body weight)
  • 20 x Squats @ 135lbs
  • 20 x Clean & Press @ 65lbs (approx. half her body weight)
  • REPEAT 3-5 times — and you thought 1 set was enough, think again!

There is no rest between each exercise. Sets such as this will increase her strength endurance, builds lean muscle and increases her heart rate that acts as cardiovascular exercise as well (fat burner on crack!).

Some real kick ass stuff!

Video: IFBB Pro Dana Linn Bailey has dominated traditional bodybuilding workouts. Now, she has another training style that has piqued her interest, CrossFit! Watch as Dana Linn Bailey enters the world of high intensity cross-training! This is part of a video series showing her incorporation of CROSS-TRAINING into her regular routine. Although a beginner now, Dana hopes to grow and improve her training style and technique!

Find out more on Dana here: http://danalinn.com/