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Well why not?!

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! …and gentlemen, for those interested enough to pay a visit…

Welcome to my blog! It’s about time, I know this. Seems I’ve been talking about starting one for the longest. But no more, here goes…

I WANT TO dedicate this blog to women who get excited about the idea of SWEAT! Hard earned sweat!

If you’re anything like me you smile at the thought of skipping out of work early to catch your spin class, look forward to running hills & bleaches, get a rush from the thought of hitting the weight room or the type to welcome the sore aches of an intense post-workout!

Fitness has become an imperative part of my life, enjoying good health and maintaining a physique decent enough to show off in the mirror without cringing is important – so listen, I’ll be posting all sorts of health, fitness, dietary advice plus more as it relates to my personal experience and journey to optimum health. Other topics of love, life and what makes us happy will be sprinkled lightly like powdered sugar.

Sugar? I didn’t say that, bad start.

Pick up those free-weights and let’s get started…


51 thoughts on “Why follow Lita?

  1. Im so excited about this blog! Now i can work out with you even though we are in different states! (Who am i fooling…i didnt work out with you when we lived in the same borough LOL) I am however, excited about this blog!!!!

  2. Finally! Your body speaks for it’s self! I know I am a visual creature and refuse to take advice from those that aren’t doing it themselves. You have always inspired me and I love this! Next stop your own workout dvd and book!

  3. Hooray-hooray! I looked over the posts and keep it up mama. One thing I teah my daughters(13,9) is the importance of eating healthy and to exercise.

    I salute and celebrate any woman that supports a healthy lifestyle. Too often woman want to lose weight but they don’t know where to begin. You serve as an example to be followed. And I say that from experience, I have helped many woman put together workout plans as a Fitness Consultant for Bally Total Fitness in 2001.

    May God Bless You With Continued Success!

  4. Love the blog, it is positive, and inspiring. Many people want to look a certain way but don’t want to put in the work to achieve what they might consider their best self. My best self is physically healthy and fit and you are absolutely right that it takes eating “clean” food and working out regularly. I do find enjoyment in participating in fitness activities its fun and I like to look good. I plan to follow your blog because like many it is easier said than done. We all have things going on in our lives that seem to get in our way, mine is college and two part times jobs but our health is important so we must make it happen.

    – Jay

    • Jay, really appreciate your comment. I’m new to the game and it’s comments like this that make it all worth it. I get a real buzz out of sharing positive lifestyle tips and if you’re listening, I’m smiling. Sincere thanks again. You are appreciated! Best, Lita

    • Love your post. They are definitely very inspiring. Im happy I ran across your site, since most mags have women that are stick thin. I have a few questions concerning diet and exercise.

      1. What brand of supplements should I take pre/post workout? I was originally taking Vega Vanilla Protein but it didn’t workout because I was allergic to some of the vegan ingredients.

      2. I’m Dominican and naturally hippy and buttylicious.  What exercises can I do in order to firm and completely tone these two target areas.

      3. No matter what I do, the lower part of my abdomen is still a jiggly. What exercises can I do to target this area? Also what foods should I eat to target/boost this area.  

      Sorry for all of the questions. It’s the summer and I’m pushing myself to get it together. Thanks in advance for your help.


  5. Well, I have to say your hard work is paying off, and I’m inspired to press on with my workout. It’s getting old ,but I love looking good during the summer, so off I go. I’ll be checking back occasionally for inspiration, so keep on keeping on!

  6. I just found your blog through google. This site is fantastic! The advice and pics are motivating and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world.

  7. I am absolutely not too acquainted with this topic but I do wish to explore blogs for layout recommendations and exciting subjects. You seriously described a matter that I usually don’t care a great deal about and created it quite fascinating. That is a wonderful weblog that I will be aware of. I currently bookmarked it for future reference. Lung Cancer Symptoms

  8. Holy crap! I just came across this and felt I was reading something I may have written without knowing it! Everything you said about why you started this blog is why I have started mine (in the bare bones stages). I know no one who enjoys that sweaty, ass-kicking work out like I do. I wake up at 4am M-F to get it done…and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Nice to come across others who not only feel the same, but understand its importance.

  9. What body scan company do You suggest? Great bodies should know artery condition and if any clots are forming. Blood tests are good..like c-reactive protein test to check for the killer…inflamation..but body scans help IN a better way. WILL TRUST YOUR SUGGESTION.

  10. im not really a blog reader, but this has turned me. finally, a person i can actually relate to and be inspired by. a samoan female, like myself. your pictures are amazing and speaks volumes. no more blaming our genes, accepting our ‘thunder thighs’ because we’re island girls. no excuses right! what an awesome attitude you have. malo suga, keep up the great work 🙂

  11. Hi lita,

    I have a question. I like to workout in the mornings but I find it diffficult to eat breakfast wait one hour or a hour and a half to start my workout cause most of the time I can feel that it hasn’t digested enough.

    So now I want to know it I drink a glass of creatine hydrodrate and maybe eat some fruit and then start my workout and after my workout eat my breakfast, if that’s a good idea??

    Thanks alot!!

    Ur body is sick and ur legs are killlller!!!!
    Inspiration for me

  12. I just wanted to thank you for motivating me to stop making excuses and get in shape. I admire your motivation & dedication!

  13. Okay so I found the blog. I’m plugged in. I’m not a big twitter tweet but I have an account there too however I think between here and IG I should be okay. I’m at the beginning of this journey and you are officially my visual inspiration. Not sure how old you are but I’m young in my MIND where it matters. So let’s see what I can get done with this body!. (ummm and i’m with the other posters…I need you to post a little bit more frequently can we get a weekly?)

  14. I have been researching weight lifting, cardio just all over weight/health improvement. I was amazed at your pictures and all over physique. i love you and am inspired by you and pray that you continue on this path.

  15. As I’m sitting on the couch, scanning through pics on Instagram, I see a beautiful pic and decide to click on it. I click on the photos and in an instant, I sit up quickly and feel a tear forming. I find myself wanting to be fit everyday and in shape and healthy. My mindset hasn’t been pushy enough, and my ambition wasn’t just a word. After seeing this, I am BEYOND motivated to do what I NEED to do to get where I want to be. I just thank followthelita for posting each and every pic!!! I WILL DO THIS!! #NOMORETALKING!!

  16. Hey!

    I gotta tell ya’, seeing a woman as resilient and dedicated to fitness is such a breath of fresh air. Where I’m from, the women here believe in anything but a healthy lifestyle or fitness altogether. I hope in time I can meet someone that shares the same drive as I, and you as well 🙂 keep up the good work. I’m a fan before an admirer!

  17. Lita,
    By far my favorite!!! Such a inspiration to me in regards to health and fitness.. Beautiful role model for all women.. Thank you for sharing your life..

  18. im glad i stumbled upon heyfranhey utube site just looking for more motivation on nutrution and saw her interview with you, and yes i clicked on your blog. This has given me inspiration and motivation to do what i need to do to keep my body moving, i have far to go to get that body but i will keep reading your blog for motivation to keep me moving. you are the poster or the pic that they say to put on your refrigerator for motivation. keep blogging.

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