Don’t think your training efforts will equal a lean, mean physique, not without partnering your workouts with a CLEAN DIET! What is a clean diet you ask? Come out from under that rock and allow me to explain; Clean eating consists of eating WHOLE FOODS, that being vegetables, fruits and vegetables, lean meats/proteins and complex carbohydrates (or as I like to call em’ Earth’s goodies!) The rule of thumb here is to avoid highly processed foods such as fast foods, junk, highly sugary treats. You also want to stay clear from saturated unhealthy fats, preservatives, bleached or otherwise modified foods.

Personally I avoid the grocery aisles with foods that require packaging. Most things that need to be boxed for a long shelf life are most probably modified with all the bad stuff so they can sustain itself for long periods of time = not good. My love for fresh, natural and organic foods may mean I pay a little extra (sometimes a lot extra #KeepingIt100) but for me investing in good, fresh, quality foods that I am essentially feeding my body is paramount to me. As far as I’m concerned there is no better investment. After all you can’t expect a Lamborgini to perform like one if you’re fueling it with lollypops and krispy creams! GIMME THE GOOD STUFF & I’LL GIVE YOU A BETTER ME!

A few tips to practicing a lifestyle of clean eating include;

♥ Eliminate refined sugar (replace sugar craves with foods that have natural sweetness, eg. Fruits)

♥ Cook healthy meals (Get creative, healthy foods can be deliciously prepared)

♥ Pack healthy meals (My life, I’m a cooler carrier, a freakin’ life saver!)

♥ Makes healthy choices when dining out (There is always “good” on a not-so-great menu)

♥ Drink a lot of water (I’m also a fan of hot green/herbal teas)

♥ Eat 5-6 small meals per day (every few hours)

♥ Eliminate alcoholic beverages (or significantly limits it …do your best!)

♥ Always eats breakfast (start the day right, kick that metabolism into gear with some brekky)

Now don’t go and tell grandma that Lita said you’ll get fat by eating her cooking! I’m a big believer in ‘everything in moderation’ – some sugary goodness, or a chicken wing isn’t going to kill you, life is to be enjoyed!

My advice is to make all of the above a LIFESTYLE HABIT but treat yourself to your craving vices from time to time. Grandma is old so keep her happy …😉

– Lita



Power in a Smile

Smile. It costs you absolutely nothing but may just mean everything to somebody else… ❤

I grew up being told that smiling is a way of shining your light upon the world. It ignites positive energy, not only within but outwardly to others around you. It is an act of kindness, sincerity and love. I am definitely about that smile life … 😊☺😊 xox

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GNEP: An Organization I Stand For

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” – Malcolm X

GNEP is an organization I stand for.

Someone once told me, it’s not every day you can inspire somebody you don’t know but I was quick to disagree. I believe that each day of life we’re given is a day of giving, sharing and inspiring others, especially our youth and with organizations such as the GNEP we are all able to inspire somebody we do not know. I was given the privilege to play role of a Youth Leader and conduct a workout for the GNEP’s annual Sista-2-Sista Summit a few years back and boy was that an experience I’ll remember forrrr-evvvv-vahh! ☺

The Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit (“S2S”) is a one-day empowerment summit connecting 200 high school girls of Pan African descent from underserved areas across NYC with women making a difference in the areas of technology, media, law, health and wellness, medicine, entertainment, education, personal growth and development and other fields. The girls are engaged in workshops, live entertainment, and reflective activities. Utilizing a 3 step-process of self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-actualization the workshops and activities equip participants with fundamental tools to make well-informed decisions today and in the future. ❤

And because of the profound impact this summit has among the young women that attend I wholeheartedly stand behind GNEP and its efforts for S2S! Find out more about the Summit and support our IndieGoGo Campaign to raise funds to conduct this amazing project by visiting: – Ends on March 1st, 2013!

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…#TBT me: second row from the top, first box 😊


Tip: Bicep & Tricep Training

Bicep & Tricep Training; Tonight I was consciously focused on my ECCENTRIC movements. 💪 #MuscleContraction. Where the concentric contraction is the shortening of the muscle, eg. the upwards motion of a bicep curl, the eccentric contraction is the lengthening or downward motion of a curl.

I see it happen all the time, guys flopping the dumbbell in the eccentric motion after a strenuous curl, if this is you then you’re only benefiting from 50% of the overall movement!! Don’t neglect the eccentric maneuver of the exercise, if you do you are throwing away half of the gain! It may mean picking up a lighter dumbbell but if maximized results is the goal then give your concentration to the total motion.

When I am zoned in, focused on my form I really do feel a difference after my set is done, even with a much lighter dumbbell! Although my ego tells me I’m being whimpy 😏 my body Hi-5s me afterwards 👍

Proper form > Better execution > Avoid injury > Awesome results. That’s my tip for the evening, let’s get it right tomorrow, happy training!

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Sunday FunDay! Track Drills & Core Work

“If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.” – Carl Lewis (Track&Field legend!) Therefore confidence is everything.

YOUR DREAMS DESERVE A CHANCE, so put the work behind it, write your goals out, create a plan, banish all excuses, sacrifice when needed and BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR ABILITIES!

Sunday Fun Day – Sprint drills & Core work. Felt good to activate those fast twitch muscles, however today I realized the “fast” in the “twitch” isn’t as fast as I thought lol but I’m going to blame it on the head wind l choose to sprint against 😜 Might be time for a training partner, I need somebody to chase and isn’t afraid of being caught 😎 …

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👉Long sleeve neon tee by @Nike
👉Footwear by @UnderArmour (Charge RC 2; I found them to be great for speed work on synthetic turf) 😎❤💪




Breakfast – My Favorite Meal

BREAKFAST, my fav meal of the day!!! Strawberries & blueberries, oatmeal and egg whites (made with Turmeric & Cayenne pepper)

I also knock down as much water as I can and drink a cup of green tea. Once in my belly I’ll finish brekky by taking my multi vitamins!!! ……..I AM READY!!!!

Time to make today awesome! 👊✊👊 #Breakfast #EatClean #Berries #Oatmeal #EggWhites #Vitamins #GreenTea #MultiVitamins #Water #H2O #Fuel #EatLikeAChampion 😎❤💪

Oh and for those that don’t know; Brekky; Aussie slang for breakfast. 👍



#ArmsHighAndWide >>>> I wannabe this successful (((around the 🌏 & back))) 😜 so, I EAT CLEAN & TRAIN DIRTY. Simple. ❤

Get after it my little champions!!!

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Positive comments are always welcome, ignorant & simple comments will get this face > 😏 or this > 😑 and this means ✋ stop & get gone, lol, some of my favs actually … 😂

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