Alicia Bell – The Elite Personal Trainer

Now if Alicia can’t get your motivated, I don’t know what will!

I catch up with the beautiful and extremely fit Ms. Alicia Bell, known as The Elite Personal Trainer! With an extensive resume, Alicia’s knowledge to the health & fitness industry is second to none. As a highly active personal trainer, writer, blogger and athlete herself she’ll make any busy person look as though they’re on vacation! I dive in…let’s get to know ya’ girl a little better!

1.      Describe yourself in 5 words?


2.      Briefly explain your athletic background?

I played every sport I could competitively growing up. These sports
included; volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, swimming, hockey and
of my love and passion Track and Field. In Canada I have been a medalist
in and/or attended multiple High School, Provincial, Canadian National,
Canada Games and Canadian University  t Track and field meets. My track
career turned into a coaching career where I have coached everyone from
youth to national and international medalists.

3.      Can you explain your profession & how one would contact you about your services?

I am an elite personal trainer. I train anyone who is interested, and I
have experience working with a diverse clientele (youth-elite
athlete-terminally ill-elderly). I am willing to travel to train clients
who need me in their city or on set. You can contact me via my website: or my twitter

I also am a personal trainer adviser for a Canadian supplement company
Rivalus: and I write articles for them that can be
found on

4.      You seem to lead a highly active lifestyle, how do you unwind, relax & recline?

I love to sit in my hammock at the end of the day with a good book.
Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy going for walks.
Its a great way to relax and unwind.

5.      I’ve spent some time on your website and blog [amazing!], can you tell us more about FEMsport?

FEM sport, was a competition in British Columbia that I got a free entry
to. I decided to enter because I had retired from track and was looking
for something to still compete at. In summary Femsport is an all women’s
strength and fitness challenge. There goal is ” to provide a fun sporting
event which anyone can participate in and the public can enjoy.”
You can check it out here:

6.      Where does your motivation come from? (and/or) Who inspires you?

I love to see people reach their individual goals. It is very rewarding to
see someone change their lifestyle and achieve what they have always
wanted. That continually pushes me to train and help. My motivation to
stay active and to continue to drive for success comes from my
grandfather, Eddie. He still works to this day and that has inspired me to
continue to want more out of life. He has taught me to never settle, never
give up and take pride in everything that I do.

7.      Lastly, how do you encourage your clients to maintain exercise, eat well and stay consistent?

I encourage them by sharing success stories of previous clients. I also
encourage them to stay motivated by having them set S.M.A.R.T goals. These
are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.
I have learned that people are more apt to achieve success if they are
working towards something that is important to them. Once they reach a
particular goal, it is time to set a new one. This keeps them constantly
interested and it keeps it personable to them.




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THANK YOU; that is all!

Hi Yall,

I wanted to post a personal entry simply to say hi! I’ve been meaning to take some time and give a big shout out to my followers! In the last few months since starting this blog I have received a great deal of positive feedback, it’s wonderful! Many of you are dear friends that comment me via Facebook, by email and even Twitter, your words are nothing but praise and positive energy so I want to take the time and give back a huge THANK YOU!

I didn’t think myself the blog type but after many of you hit me with the idea I couldn’t ignore it for too long! I started FollowTheLita out of fun simply wanting to promote that we should all lead happy, healthy and active lifestyles. There is nothing better than leading by example so I figured why not try my influence in a positive and uplifting way, hence my efforts here!

Bettering my health and fitness has in more recent years become a top priority of mine. I have been extremely fortunate that many of my closest mates are leading professionals in what they do, all have been icons and strong influences in my life that have encouraged me to maintain a healthy attitude towards exercising and eating clean.

Along my personal journey of reaching optimum health I’m sharing what I can, when I can by plugging helpful advice I’ve stumbled upon, sharing exercises I personally love doing & interviewing some of my favorite people, friends and fellow health nuts like me to also help influence a positive change in your health!

If you’re reading this, THANK YOU …thank you for following, thank you for your continued support and awesome feedback. I look forward to keeping this blog up to date and sharing that good stuff with yall!  I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am! …enjoy your sweat!

Best wishes,


Garron Bible aka “GB” Talks Fitness

I see GB,

I tackle GB,

and force him to answer some questions! …

My dear friend and running partner Garron Bible talks fitness! A former football safety for Notre Dame and active athlete slash trainer throws us a little knowledge to the game. Let’s find out more about the dude they call “GB” and gauge where he’s coming from health wise…

1. Describe yourself in 5 words?

driven, competitive, inquisitive, grounded, athletic

2. What’s the deal on your athletic background?

I’m from Texas and grew up playing soccer, baseball, and football. I was a starter at Strong Safety for Notre Dame where I received my BA, and one year at the University of Delaware where I received my MA. It probably sounds a little crazy, but personally, athletics and the spirit of competition have always been my therapy and connection to life on Earth.  Some people pay thousands for therapy sessions, I workout.

3. Can you explain your role at the training facility you work at and how one would contact the facility for classes?

I have a great relationship with Velocity Sports Performance in Mahwah, NJ ( and work part time when needed as a Sports Performance Coach. My fellow SPC’s and I assist athletes of all ages and levels improve their overall speed, power, and agility.  Sean Donellan is the SPD and believe when I tell you he’s a mad scientist when it comes to strength and conditioning, as well as, sport specific performance training.  I also work with Jay Caldwell and assist him in the indoctrination/implementation of various Greco/Roman and MMA maneuvers and techniques for football athletes. Right now we’re working with a number of well known NFL players and should be touring a few of the nation’s elite D1-A Universities this Fall.

4. Those that know you well know you to be a very active dude. What are you trying to accomplish health/body wise? And how are you doing so?

Yea I try to stay pretty active.  Health/body wise I’m really just trying to feel and look the best I can.  In my opinion a healthy body translates to a healthy mind and vice versa.  The two need and feed off each-other. Overall health and wellness is always the goal.  body, mind, spirit.  As long as it’s an active athletic activity I’m down and I’m going to try and have fun with it.

To achieve this I do long distance running some days and other days I’ll incorporate some type of varying sprint work. With MY goals and at this point in my life cardio is my primary focus while strength training has become secondary.  Strength consists of high rep work and concentration on one muscle area a day.

5. You train women at the facility you work at, can you tell us some common mistakes/weaknesses you come across during a training session?

I don’t know if there are too many “mistakes” per se but females are usually more quad dominant which can lead to a imbalance of strength when comparing the quadriceps and hamstrings.  Females also tend to be weaker in upper body strength and therefore try to steer clear of any exercises which may help strengthen this area.  It’s always beneficial to work on ones weaknesses in athletics as well as life.  Some of the girls and women also tend to be a little more self-conscious when training.  I don’t know if that means a lack of confidence in themselves and their sports or if they don’t want to appear too masculine.?

6. Name one work out exercise you would recommend any woman looking to get in shape?

Probably “sumo-squats” because they cook the hamstrings, quads, and GLUTES.  in my experience women tend to really express a desire for a firm and “healthy” backside.  But to get “in shape” I would simply suggest whatever will have their heart rate elevated for a prolonged amount of time.  Interval training is good for both men and women.  oh yeah !! swimming and various “pool work” are pretty dope because they’re great metabolic exercise and are “low impact” on the joints.

7. Name a food you think women should cut completely out of their diets?!

I would recommend eating out of utility and not because of coping or comfort. find other outlets for those. that can go for men as well. but to answer the question whatever has huge amounts of sugar, calories, .  sodas, desserts, etc. women usually love ICE CREAM

8. What do you find most attractive about the female body? and why?

I tend to usually appreciate an overall athletic, lean, and toned body in a female. It kind of shows a sense of pride in their overall health and wellness, as well as, a commitment to how they look and feel. but mentally I appreciate someone who appreciates LIFE’S grander scheme and works towards that. like I said..mind, body, spirit. but hey that’s just me lol

Garron with good friends, also former Notre Dame football players…(L-R: Ryan Grant, Isaiah Gardner, Corey Mays, Garron Bible)

More on Garron:

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GB blogs too, probably not as often as he should but check out his thoughts here –










Ladies, above GB recommends the “Sumo Squat” …follow this:

Grab a heavy dumbbell and hold an end with each hand at arm’s length in front of your waist. Set your feet about twice your shoulder width apart, your toes turned out slightly. Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees.

Pause, then push yourself back to the starting position. Keep your torso as upright as you can for the entire movement, with your lower back naturally arched.

Ava Cowan

I just finished watching this video and have been face slapped with inspiration! WOW. If Ava can’t motivate you to get off the couch than nothing will…

>>>> IFBB Pro Ava Cowan’s April 2010 FitnessRx Cover Model Photo Shoot

Hear her story, hear about where she came from to rise to the top in the fitness world, hear about her accomplishments, goals and watch her at her best!

Gotto share this, all my followers need to watch — Thank me later!


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Celebrate Your Type!

We come in all shapes and sizes, unique in every possible way imaginable. There is no wrong shape, nor right, what is important is that we claim and own our individualism and do our best to keep it in optimum shape by living a healthy lifestyle.

Which shape are you?

I wanted to include some images of bodies of all shapes that I adore & admire for a host of reasons… my reasons need no explanation, these pictures speak for themselves!

Bria Myles

Marisa Miller

Allyson Felix

Kim Kardashion

Gabrielle Union

Salma Hayek

Jessica Biel

Rosa Acosta

Britney Spears

Sonya Richards

Janet Jackson

Jessica Alba

Serena Williams

Megan Fox

…and of course Ciara