GET EXCITED!!! #3Loves: I ❤️ working out, I ❤️ vacationing and I ❤️ meeting with those that I’ve been so blessed to inspire!!! 🙌

So with that said my fellow fit-sistas and I are piecing together a fun-fit getaway to CANCUN, Mexico #DestinationFitTrip!!! ☀️☀️☀️ – Details to follow but just know the agenda will no doubt consist of excessive sweating, ab curling laughter, amateur photo shoots rollin’ around in the sand 😭 and if they give me a mic it might just turn into a concert! 😂 #LetMeLive 😎😜😂😭 – ok no seriously, very excited about this one. We’ll share details as soon as we can, stay tuned and follow these beautiful ladies who share the same passion & enthusiasm as I! 👉 @deannajefferson @getfitwithnic_ @wrkoutqueenie 💃

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