My Inspiration?? …drumroll please!!

A common question, who inspires you?! this is my answer:

>>> MY SISTERS <<<

L-R: Larryn aka “Lazza”, Liana aka “Ana” and me aka “FollowTheLita” 🙂

OK so it’s super sappy I know but it’s true. As eldest of 3, my sisters are my primary source of motivation. I take it back to when I was young(er). Mum and dad would lay the “don’t you want to set a good example for your sisters?” line on me…ugh, back then I couldn’t have cared less but with age I have learned that this low form of parental blackmail holds a lot of significance & importance. I do want to set a good example for these two monkeys [and others]. Ultimately I want them to succeed, live healthy and eat right so I am motivated to lead by example.

Sidebar: My Spin instructor jumping off his bike to scream “push harder, faster, faster, faster!!!” all while grabbing for his Snickers bar …just doesn’t make any sense.

Today I pledge a lifestyle that is worthy of a following as it relates to your personal health and well-being!

We bought identical sister bracelets [From Target!] and made a pat we’d wear them everyday…Liana failed first, young people, smh.

Remember what/who inspires you. Take these thoughts with you when you leave for the gym or before you hit the court. Remembering what/who is most important may just help you achieve your goals, perform like a rockstar and sweat with purpose.

Works for me!


Where are you getting your inspiration from?

Real women, real work, real success.









Big ups to my Twitter follower @EmilianoStyles for making the homie aware!