RECIPE: Sweet Potato Slices

Sweet Potato will be on my menu list for the next 10-12 weeks so I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen (something I rarely do) in order to find a ‘clean’ and sodium-free way to cooking these bad boys in a way that make my taste buds dance and not curl up and cry.

Here’s my lunch recipe for Mr. Sweet Potato :

  • Slice your sweet potato thinly, not too think that they look like flat potato chips but thin enough to fit through the spokes of your dinner fork.
  • With your nonstick fry pan, slightly cover the surface with grape seed oil and simmer for 1min.
  • Individually lay your slices, covering the pans surface
  • Sprinkle (to taste):

> Cayenne pepper

> Black pepper

> Garlic powder

> Turmeric powder (a small pinch)

  • Drizzle freshly squeezed lemon & lime juice on top
  • Turn your slices once until brown & golden.
  • Using a spatula scoop your slices out and lay on a plate covered in a paper towel, sit for a few minutes and EAT!


3 thoughts on “RECIPE: Sweet Potato Slices

  1. Lita thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I gave it a go, and OMG it’s a great taste sensation. I’ve cooked these little crunchers up a couple of times since as a tasty addition to my dinner.

  2. Lita, I started following you on instagram && you gave me that motivation I have been needing . All in high school I did weightlifting, I have been out of school close to 3yrs, I tried to get back into the swing of things but the diets were bland and with stress it has been tough, but I think with your blog I can get back into && go even further. So keep up the great advice eating tips && workouts! Thank You !!

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