TOUGH WOMEN: Dana Linn Bailey

When I first saw this video I watched it 4 times over, back to back, all while thinking, is she for real?!!!!! I was utterly floored and inspired by Dana’s strength and resilience to complete her task …there really isn’t too much to say so instead I’ll end it here and remove my hat because this chick deserves respect! Watch!

Dana Linn Bailey – Physique Competitor, Bodybuilding


What you’re about to watch is Dana complete the following giant set;

  • 20 x bench @ 135lbs (approx. her body weight)
  • 20 x Squats @ 135lbs
  • 20 x Clean & Press @ 65lbs (approx. half her body weight)
  • REPEAT 3-5 times — and you thought 1 set was enough, think again!

There is no rest between each exercise. Sets such as this will increase her strength endurance, builds lean muscle and increases her heart rate that acts as cardiovascular exercise as well (fat burner on crack!).

Some real kick ass stuff!

Video: IFBB Pro Dana Linn Bailey has dominated traditional bodybuilding workouts. Now, she has another training style that has piqued her interest, CrossFit! Watch as Dana Linn Bailey enters the world of high intensity cross-training! This is part of a video series showing her incorporation of CROSS-TRAINING into her regular routine. Although a beginner now, Dana hopes to grow and improve her training style and technique!

Find out more on Dana here:


6 thoughts on “TOUGH WOMEN: Dana Linn Bailey

  1. I did this today and freakin loved it! I made a few modifications due to injury, but can’t wait to complete it without modification soon! Thanks for sharing…Dana Linn Bailey looks amazing and is a freak of nature….love it!

  2. Wow…she looks hotta than a chula! I need some advice. I am 27 years old, 5′ 3″ and i weigh between 98-100 lbs. Ive been this way most of my life- very tiny. I was in the gym a couple months back and had a great trainer and was eating healthier and more… as well as taking whey. I got some good results. However now with my hectic job i just cant make it to the gym like I used to. So I am looking to start back eating more and healthier and include some weight training exercises I can do at home. I really need to gain weight and muscle. I need to achieve my goal: To have a body like Ciara <3. Can you advise me on what free weight training videos online I can use to guide me through my workouts? (Hopefully they don't need much equipment. Just a couple of dumb bells) And also where can I get an example of a weekly meal plan that I can follow. If you have any other advice on how I can gain weight fast please let me know. I need to get cracking as I would like to be ready for Carnival. You can email me at Btw you look gorg!!!!

  3. Girl I saw this a while back and was like geez this girl is not playin! im not close to putting up a plate like that but i do what challenges me and this routine WORKS! I do it with a group otherwise…lets jus say this routine brings me to tears

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