Mr. Smooth Swimming Man


As some of you know I’m tackling my very first triathlon this summer. The first leg to this race is the 1-mile swim, now having grown up with a pool in the backyard one would think I should be well trained and accustomed to a lil’ endurance swimming – well nope, not at all!!! It’s this swim that haunts me the most. My peddle skills will get me through the 25mile cycle and my legs will carry me across the finishing line but this swim …1-mile …what have I signed myself up for!!!

OK, so I promised my mother I wouldn’t die out there in this open river so I’ve been looking into ways of bettering my swimming technique. I came across Mr. Smooth the swimming man, an animated freestyle swimmer who may just have the best swimming technique I have ever seen! This video is easy to study, provides all the different angles you want to observe the freestyle technique as a student. Check it out…

Mr. Smooth is a visualization carefully developed by experts to show an ideal freestyle stroke in action.

Viewing Mr Smooth has many advantages over watching video of great swimmers. The clarity and level of control is amazing. You can view the animation from angles that you cannot normally video. Silky smooth slow motion and perfect freeze frame are standard. All the footage is synchronized so you can freeze the animation in an interesting position and jump round the angles to get a three dimensional appreciation of the stroke.


I must master this video!


Also, found some imagery I just love, peep it;