Interview: Nicole Murphy

~ Nicole Murphy ~


As mother, model and jewelry designer the radiantly amazing Nicole Murphy dedicates some time  to answering a few questions I’ve thrown her way. As a retired model, now business entrepreneur in the jewelry industry Nicole speaks health & fitness and concludes with some motivating advice you will want to write on post-its and stick around your vanity mirror!

By now you guys know I am a huge believer in leading by example and Ms. Murphy is no exception. Hustling a busy schedule between work, family and the miscellaneous haps that life deals us Nicole finds time to commit herself wholeheartedly to regular exercise and clean eating.

With a body like this why wouldn’t you listen and pay attention!

Let’s turn our attention to Nicole…



ONE. Describe yourself in 5 words…







TWO. It’s no secret you are a mother of 5. It is however hard to believe you carried five children! Please tell us your secret to obtaining and maintaining a flat, well defined stomach?

I workout at least 4 to 5 days a week and have made it a lifestyle so it fits into my routine even when traveling. I do at least 3 types of stomach/ab exercises during all my workouts.


THREE. What top 3 foods make your diet on a daily basis?

Chicken, Oatmeal and Salad


FOUR. What kind of workouts does your regime consist of?

Free weights, Sprints/Cardio, Kinesis Machine & Tae bo.


FIVE. Name your favorite exercise?

Lungs for my legs and butt!!


SIX. Any motivating words of advice for a couch potato needing motivation to jump start an active lifestyle?

I feel that there is no secret to a healthy and long life.  Exercising gives you a better opportunity to live free of a lot of the pains and restrictions associated with inactivity. Doing a little everyday goes a long way to extending your life for yourself and your family and that’s hopefully all the motivation you need……plus who wouldn’t want to look nice in a pair of jeans??  LOL



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Perhaps it was a good nights sleep or the fact that the sun was shining and the outdoor temperature read 56degrees on a mid November morning, whatever it was it sprung me right into gear and ready to take on an extremely hilly 9mile run!

After a good stretch of the calve muscles, a swig of H20, double take on the shoelace knots I was good to hit the road.

The day was so incredibly beautiful I snapped some pictures between the huffs and puffs. Now sharing;

The cliff edge I came from…


In these Nike’s

[not my favorite pair but the built in hydraulics – Nike call them Shocks – helped me absorb some impact].

My reward, a gorgeous view of the George Washington Bridge …[next time I’ll cross it!]

This is what exhaustion looks like & at this point the sweat beads had evaporated …but I live & [love] this feeling.

Call me crazy, that’s fine by me 🙂




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Quote of the Week


“Failure only exists if you accept it.”

(…extracted from a conversation had with family…)


…..Consider your journey through this life one big success

………..Accept so-called failures as learning curves

………………Your faults only add to your progress

…………………..Never underestimate the power of positive thinking

………………………Exude only positive energy; what you give is what you’ll receive



ONE more time for the hard headed:

EXUDE POSITIVE ENERGY what you give is what you’ll receive!




Follow Ryan’s lead: Change up the Training

There is a big plus to changing things up, trying different training techniques and disciplines to help your body become more accustomed to motions, movements that you wouldn’t necessarily get from working out in your gym.

A good example of this would be Ryan Grant’s applied training during the 2010 off season where he took advantage of skipping the field and gym for something a little different. Jay Glazer and Muay Thai expert and professional fighter Toby “TigerHeart” Grear show Ryan the ropes. They get stuck into hip opening techniques that are designed to ultimately help Ryan gain strength, power and balance on the field. His range of motion from his hips increased substantially and as Jay explains Ryan is able to really strengthen his knees and hips which will have a direct effect on his overall running power on the field.

Ladies, be open to trying something different, even if it means stepping into a ring. I saw first hand the intensity of this type of training and was pumped to want to join Ryan wrestle others to the ground with my hips …sounds like some harmless fun right?!

What I also found interesting is the MMA style of training isn’t physical to where you need to worry about getting hurt – you can save all that for fight day, the training is simply gut wrenching exercise that will leave you sweating puddles.

Be open to try something different, be open to MMA applied training.

MMAthletics: Episode 15 Ft/Ryan Grant

Yeaaa, I like this picture too! Bad ass…

5-minute madness with: Steph Jones

I-grab-a-quick-5-minutes …with the talented music maniac Mr. Steph Jones! I met Steph almost 7 years ago in Los Angeles, known for his charming good looks & catwalk poses and now, years later he’s making big waves in the music world! As a former college track athlete Steph always finds time to maintain physical form and fitness especially around a hectic studio schedule.

4:59seconds & counting….























1. Describe yourself in 5 words:





mommas boy

2. Music seems to be your driving force these days but is exercising & remaining in shape important to you? & How often do you workout? yes i stay in great shape mentally and physically. i workout 3 times a week.


3. Do you like to workout alone or with a partner? Why? It depends on the day.. some days i love helping people and other days i love being alone and not having to wait for people to keep up.

4. With the many thousands of fans you have, what are the most common compliments you receive? i get complimented mostly on my body, smile, and energy.

5. Sexiest part about a womens body is…and why? that’s hard to say because every woman is different in her own way so i will just have to say the potential “power” that a woman has is VERY sexy. That Power can make a blind man see, break down a thug into tears, bring life into the world etc…

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