Q: I need a new challenge for my abs. My current ab workout is tired & boring plus I want to burn some belly fat while I’m toning, help?!

So you want those abs to pop huh?! The best kind of core workout in my opinion are movements that also incorporates cardio. You want to blast the fat around your core as well as simultaneously work those core muscles, easy!

Anything you can do without equipment is my preference. Means you can bust out into a core workout during those commercial breaks 😉

I found this video I think is a perfect example of all of the above:

I’d suggest doing 4-8 sets of these movements and then incorporate planks and side-planks targeting those oblique muscles in between sets of 2  – Holding planks will allow you to catch your breath (kinda!) in between these sets but still keep those ab muscles engaged & stimulated.

Works for me 😉

Let me know how you go!

Love LL


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