Q: I’m trying to drop 10 maybe 13 pounds by summertime. Do you mind telling me what your diet looks like. I workout often so I think it’s my diet that is holding me back from getting awesome abs. Help me, tell me something!

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Your nutrition is everything! Well at least 80% of your overall efforts, the remaining 20% being regular exercise. It is a common mistake made my many to think that if they workout 7days a week they’re going to see instant results, but the truth is if we’re not fueling our bodies with the right nutrition than our workout efforts are dramatically reduced!

My personal rule of thumb as it pertains to dietary intake is: NEVER, EVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET HUNGRY. Once your body is screaming of hunger you’ve failed yourself! What you want to do is aim to eat 6 times a day, cliche sure, but it’s REAL. Consistent intake of food/fuel means your metabolism is running constantly throughout the day and this is our goal ladies!

This is what my diet looks like, generally;

Wake up; Glass of water, piece of fruit (and I’m a fan of the fruit strips from Archers Farm, Target) – I always grab something to munch on during my commute to work.

LARGE breakfast; white eggs, wholewheat toast, oatmeal made with water (avoid milk/cream/sugar), Greek yogurt, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (avoid bottled fruit juice, usually contains too much added sugar). Small fruit salad, a mix of berries is best. Green mint tea/water. Then I take my daily multivitamins.

Snack 1: Almonds/protein bar, dried fruits. Avocado on crisps/wholewheat toast. Green tea/Water or black coffee (avoid sugar/milk/cream).

Lunch: High protein intake – grilled chicken, salmon, mixed vegetables, brown rice or wholewheat pasta (avoid creamy pastas), avocados, salads (avoid fatty dressings), Shrimp/Crab meat salads with corn & beets. Occasionally I’ll eat red meat for iron (once a month, I’m not a big red meat eater) and sometimes I’ll treat myself to a few blocks of dark chocolate/or equivalent (curb your sugar cravings, if you avoid them to long they’ll attack you later and you’ll be more likely binge on junk).

Snack 2: I usually have a avocado/smoked salmon salad. Because I work out in the evenings after work I want to have something hearty and high in protein. It’s important for me to eat foods that will aid in my productivity and development and not limit it, protein is the answer here. Good to time drink a pre-workout protein shake. You could also eat any of the snacks mentioned in Snack 1 list.

Last meal: For me I would have just finished a workout so feeding my muscles with protein is a must. There’s that word again! I’ll drink half a protein shake, or a full shake had I decided against a pre-workout shake. Sometimes my body requires more food (revving metabolism!) so I’ll snack on a bowl of wholewheat cereal with reduced fat milk, or snack on a small bowl of popcorn (minus the butter and salt).



1. Avoid WHITE everything! White bread, white pasta, white sugar, salt… They are not your friend! Instead stick to wholegrain/wheat breads and pastas. Avoid sugar & salt completely.

2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you’re not a fan of water try adding Crystal light flavoring or add lemon for a lil taste. If you diehard soda fan, my fav substitute is sparkling mineral water with squeezed lemon & lime – delicious and no calories!

3. Don’t ever let yourself get hungry! Make this your daily mantra!

4. Listen to your body, if it’s telling you to eat something sweet, then do so, everything in moderation. And as mentioned, if you avoid little treats for too long it’ll bite you in the ass later! Avoid binging.

5. Tailor your diet to clean foods that YOU actually like and enjoy. If you’re not enjoying your meals then you’ll be more prone to eating outside of what’s right!

6. Never DIET. The word alone scares me, lol. Most associate the word ‘diet’ as a ‘temporary’ phase. Not good. What you want to is make LIFESTYLE changes and choices so you can make your dietary intake a permanent change for the better.

Best of luck my beauties! Hope this helps 😉

Love LL