Lita Speaks; Motivational Quote

BELIEVE that you CAN

know that YOU WILL

…and PURSUE with EVERYTHING you are!

Allow Christian D. Larson to speak to you;

We are all capable of so much it is unbelievable, or better yet believable! I have met some amazing women in my life that have accomplished so much from so little. Hearing personal struggles, learning of stories that have touched my heart I can’t help but pay tribute to them and their journeys to success.

I simply wanted to share a little positive reinforcement, we have to believe that we can, we will and we have! That all things are possible with faith, effort and hard work.

Whatever it is you are striving towards, working to, aiming for KEEP GOING! Not only are you one step closer to your personal achievements you are also contributing to something extremely powerful; the power of a circled force of inspiration and motivation to others alike. And with that said; THANK YOU!

With Love,

Lita x


No Time? No Problem! Your Answer: The Diagonal Woodchop


I hear this BS regularly; “Lita, I simply just don’t have enough time to work out!”

— I say; rubbish! LIAR!

If you can find time to check your Twitter account or logon to Facebook you can find time for a little sweat happy exercise. This following move is my answer to you, now shut up and pay attention!

In ONE MOVE you can target 10 MUSCLES

= The Diagonal Woodchop, in Squat formation

I’m sharing this move because I personally have added this exercise to all my workouts. I’ll perform this move every time, all the time, without fail! I feel the results, I see the results. NEEDLESS TO SAY, ONE OF MY ULTIMATE FAVORITES!

This exercise works particularly well for me in the morning when I have limited time to work in the gym. For those of you working out before you head into the office I know the drill; early wake up, gym commute (or in my case, a good run!) followed by your workout, shower, and then having to get yourself office ready can certainly take some time but consider it your MORNING GRIND (hey, that rhymes, haha) and if you’re anything like me, I just feel 100% terrific after my morning exercise!


I will set 3-4 times, with 10-12 repetitions. This will take me no more than 10-12mins to complete. You most certainly spend more time surfing your Facebook!


Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Holding a dumbbell or medicine ball above your shoulder and above head level. Now arms straight and your abs contracted. Bend your knees to squat down while moving the bell/ball in a diagonal motion across your body bringing it to the outside of your calf.

Reserve the move and return to the starting position. Hold for 2seconds (this will make you really feel it …and hate me). Then repeat to set completion.

Swap it, repeat same motion above for the opposite side.


Muscles worked —

  1. Quadriceps
  2. Gluteus Maximus
  3. Hamstrings
  4. Gastrocnemius (calves)
  5. Anterior Deltoids (shoulders)
  6. Middle Deltoids
  7. 7. Trapezius (neck/upper spine muscle)
  8. Transverse Abdominals
  9. Internal Obliques
  10. External Obliques

…yea, exactly what I was thinking, we have ourselves a winner ladies.