MUSIC MOTIVATION: “Blind” by Game Rebellion


“Game Rebellion”

Let me put it like this;

You’ve already ran 4.5miles [and counting], you’ve conquered brutal hills, your shins are screams at you, the pit of your belly is thirsty and you’re sweating rivers. You’ve dodged traffic, sprinted through red lights and bounced off your toes to avoid pedestrians, check it, you even mustered effort energy to spin off the ignorant loser trying to get your attention and chucked the Heisman hand up to his equally pathetic friend who thinks it’s cute to attempt running beside you as long as he can before his saggy jeans hit the pavement, all this only to face another mile before you reach the front door & able to replenish on some Muscle Milk. What to do if there’s no NOS button to hit? Answer; Go “Blind” with Game Rebellion and turn the volume up …!!!

Let’s go to work ladies, let’s take it to the finish line!!! …my motivational music this week is “Blind” by GAME …get to know it.



Brooklyn-based GAME Rebellion has been electrifying the New York music scene for three years with their unique blend of hip-hop, punk, metal, and skank. Their intelligent lyrics, attention to history, culture, and politics, and the inherent fun and energy of their music makes them vital to today’s hop-hop scene.

– BAM;


Sounds Like A Riot – Game Rebellion



5 Basic Repairs To Dietary Errors; STOP FOOLING YOURSELF

Ugh, stop fooling yourself ladies!

I want to address some very common mistaken notions about what you put in your mouth (…I’m talking food yall)  that I keep hearing over and over again. There are too many excuses that attempt to justify or cover up misconceptions we all have about contain foods and habits. Basically I’m here to smack you over the head and call you a dummie; you’re only fooling yourself let me help you see why…


I work out more than anyone I know, I’ve active throughout the week therefore I can eat whatever I want.


Remember you are what you eat. You are forfeiting top health and performance when you take on this attitude. Just because you’re active and may work out 3-4-5 times a week does not mean you can afford to eat processed foods and junky snacks. Not if you’re aiming for optimum health.


Shift the bulk of your diet away from processed foods and instead eat whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruit. If you eat mostly processed foods, you’re going to feel like garbage for a reason: You’re stressing out your body. The old school way of thought is if you’re active and exercising regularly you will burn away anything you throw in the tank. Guess what? You can run all your life and still fill flood your arteries with cholesterol.

If your diet is a parade of processed foods, from white rice and white pasta to frozen pizzas and Captain Crunch, you’re paying for it with your health and how you feel. Ladies, remember a junky diet impairs energy levels, undercuts recovery and ultimately reduces the training effect you hard so hard to achieve.





I eat and drink the bare minimum during my training to teach my body how to burn fat.


You have it completely backwards. Check this out, you are actually enabling increased fat storage!


Not fueling your body with enough calories leads to a negative state of energy. Top performance coach Matt Dixon says [not eating enough] “puts your body in a starvation state, adding to the physiological stress or metabolic stress to your body, and it provides urges or desires for you to eat lots of carbs later in the day.” Dixon also adds that these carbs are more than likely be stored as fat. Hear that? FAT.

One of the worst and most common mistakes is to skip breakfast. A huge no-no. Some think that because their bodies don not crave breakfast why not avoid the extra calories. Wrong, missing the first meal of the day propels you into overeating later in the day. There are also research stats out there that show reductions in stress hormone production when you eat breakfast.

Plenty of reasons to chomp on a banana, in hail some oatmeal and whip up those egg whites! Choose a breakfast that is high in fiber and complex carbohydrates.





Without coffee I’d die.


Really?! Like really? Truth be told overdoing it on coffee leads to stress, poor sleep, fatigue, digestive problems, depression and interferes with your body’s ability to tone up and burn fat.


Look I know that the mere smell of coffee beans makes your body brighten up and the taste spells party time on your buds but perhaps this is a conscious thing. Time to teach your taste buds how to crave something else in the mornings. My personal favorite is peppermint tea with lemon and/or honey. Minimize or eliminate coffee from your diet, try replacing it with herbal tea or decaf green tea.





I drink cola throughout the day, but it’s cool because it’s diet cola.


Sugar or fake sugar; too much soda wreaks havoc on your health and dark colas weaken your bones.


The fix is nice and simple; just quit it out completely! You can do it! You’d be surprised by the weight you’ll drop by cutting out soda …I’d know, personally I shed 5lbs after one month of drinking only water and God only knows I was a ginger ale addict! The sugar alternatives they put in your favorite diets are doing you no good at all, in fact I’ve been told that many of the fake sugars are actually worse for you! Dr. Jordan Metzl says “There is something in the caramelization of the dark sodas that depletes the mineral content [in your bones].





I like to trust my body’s cravings when it comes to choosing what I eat.


If you’re craving cookies and donuts, you’re doing something wrong. Very wrong!


Cravings that lead you to make bad decisions should be considered red flags being waved frantically by your body. Although we all know that the smell of fried chicken or freshly oven baked pizza can be mouth watering we also know that these foods other than satisfying our souls is not satisfying what our working bodies need. We want to shovel in the right fuel to allow our bodies optimum performance like foods such as complex carbs, fruits and vegetables, the right oils and fats. If you can fight the craving your body will grow a stronger immunity to it the next time a craving attacks you. Teach yourself to know and do better. Discipline; eat it!

Study search; TJ Murphy and Bethany Leach Mavis



Gym Freak, Workout Queen; Let Mimi tell you how it’s done:




I catch up with Mimi, the mother of a beautiful one year old daughter who like me frequently tweets like a gym freak!  Her drive and determination not only inspires me but many others that follow her encouraging words via Twitter.


Her answers below speak volumes to the sheer dedication and discipline to transforming her post birth body into top form and doing so with the very basics of healthy choices in diet and regular exercise. NO MORE EXCUSES ladies, let Mimi shine some light on ya…


1. You are a mother of a beautiful 1yr girl, after 12months of giving birth you look AMAZING! What action did you take to get that body back in great shape?

First let me start off by saying thank you and that hard work pays off! I’m 5ft 7in and I am usually about 140lbs and in my pregnancy I gained 32 lbs which for me was quite the weight gain. I made the choice to breastfeed which was the best decision I could have made because I lost all of my gained weight within the first 4-6 weeks after my daughter was born. I then took it upon myself after two months of giving birth to join my local YMCA and I haven’t looked back since.


2.       What’s your diet like, any must-eat foods that stay on your plate?

I really do not follow any strict diet. I pretty much eat what I want but I just try to make healthy choices. I do try to stay away from fried foods because I just feel that fried foods are just very unhealthy. As for any must-eat food, I would have to say any kind of vegetable and fruit because I think a lot of people easily overlook eating them. I do enjoy an occasional grapefruit as often as possible before meals because they are known to cut grease.


3.       I’ve seen those abs girl! What is your favorite Ab exercise?

You know what’s funny is that I do all of like 5 minutes of working out on my Abs a day. I would have to say that my favorite Ab workout would have to be use an Ab Roller. I think it is the best and most intense overall Ab workout; you are using your entire core which will mean all over definition.

(Pause; 5mins?! …must be genetics!)


4.       How often do you hit the gym? And do you take classes?

I go to the gym five days a week, Monday through Friday, and I allow myself the weekends for my muscles to recover. On Monday I take a Spin and Sport Class, which is 30 minutes of Spin and 30 minutes of Muscle Conditioning. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I take Circuit Training classes, Thursday I do a Boot Camp class which is 45 minutes of intense cardio and on Fridays I take an hour Spin Class. Fridays is also what I call my two-a-days because I go back to the gym for a focus training workout strictly for my quads.


5.       Favorite muscle to work on is…?

My favorite muscle to work on are my quads. I feel that this is my biggest, muscle to condition and get the proper definition that I want. I have always wanted what I call “soccer player legs” which really means I want mass on my legs and serious definition.


6.     Motivating music…what’s on your iPod?

I actually don’t use an iPod to workout. I feel like I get too distracted by the music. I rather get in the gym, stay focused, bust out my work out and move on.


7.       What keeps you motivated/who inspires MiMi?

Is it terrible to say that I am my own inspiration. Nobody motivates me like I do. I have always been an athlete and have always like working out but after going through the changes my body did with pregnancy I just became even more determined and motivated to get back and better then I was before.


8.       Lastly, name the sexiest part of a woman’s body and state why?

This is a toss up between a woman’s legs or stomach. But I think I will have to go with legs because as I said that is my favorite muscle to workout because I am obsessed with achieving “soccer player legs.” So I think having thick defined legs is absolutely sexy!


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It started with Ashanti; “Rock With You” rocked me into gear!

This was it! Ashant’s Rock With You (Aww Baby) video …I was at my heaviest, in chubby bliss and didn’t even realize it, no wait, I did realize something …I realized ice-cream was my faithful lover and I sure did love the heck out of some ice-cream…so that I did know but I weighed in at approximately 159lbs (Age 21…soon to be a college graduate…I blame the stress of school!) and wasn’t feeling myself after catching a glimpse of Ashanti’s core in this here video.

I had me a little pudgy belly, soft around the arms, shoulders and back, ass for days (and not in the sexy way) and I want to say I almost had another chin move in …almost! I opened the freezer and said to myself “I will eat the remainder of this here ice-cream and then will banish you forrr-evvv-errr” …I’ve never been the type to waste food. You best believe I enjoyed every last scoop before putting ice-cream on the “eat not” list. Hard times folks.

OK, so I’m chubby but funnily enough I was still athletic and playing in a All-Girls Touch Football league once a week (Go Sydney South West Girls!). Nevertheless, Ashanti opened my eyes. I was like, I want that …as I glared at her rock hard abs, and well oiled body (no homo). Want makes this video even more enticing is the Mr. D’Angelo-like-alike with his braided up hair, handsome smile and sexy body!  Motivator? Umm, I think so…

Let Ashanti rock you into some core exercises, let’s get it right …


Jennifer Hudson; Spokesperson for Weight Watchers and certified Beast!


and now…

I had to pay tribute to the beautiful Jennifer Hudson for this recent weight loss she as dropped, wow, doesn’t she look amazing?!

I’ve always thought the girl was beautiful but now she looks healthy. Her newly reformed body was apparently accomplished with good old-fashioned hard work (with the help of the Weight Watchers program) so my hat is off and I’m hi-5’ing you Jenn!

I want to highlight something I think is very important for all those that are on the path of weight loss; remembering that losing weight and keeping it off should never be referred to as a “diet” because the term diet is coined with being temporary. If we begin a new diet we should adapt it as being on-going (hence “lifestyle change”) and not just a fad of healthy eating habits and regular exercise, I mean, how many of us have thought …”can’t wait to dive into a fat burger after my diet is over!” …Hmm, sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?!  Think longevity Vs. temporary, and of course everything should be in moderation, or at least this is what my mother told me! I can hear her voice now as I reach for another cookie…

As a Weight Watchers spokesperson I think Jennifer sums it up nicely;

“It’s not a diet, it’s really a way of living that teaches you better skills,” she said. “For years I felt like I could never have ice cream, but I can eat ice cream occasionally now!”

Just beautiful!