My Motivation; Mama

#TBT: 1982 – I credit this woman for everything good & decent about who I am today. My never ending source of motivation, toughest critic, loving supporter, biggest fan and she just so happens to be my mother … ❤

Yo, Samoan mothers are tough, believe that, but her sense of wit, work ethic and love towards her family provides me with a near perfect example of what it takes to be successful in life, and more importantly a giving & compassionate person! #Love!!! …..Ou te alofa i lo’u tina! xox ❤

…ohh and this mischief monkey of a child is me ☺ — Pic cred: Daddio #HisAmeatuerPhotographerDays



My Inspiration?? …drumroll please!!

A common question, who inspires you?! this is my answer:

>>> MY SISTERS <<<

L-R: Larryn aka “Lazza”, Liana aka “Ana” and me aka “FollowTheLita” 🙂

OK so it’s super sappy I know but it’s true. As eldest of 3, my sisters are my primary source of motivation. I take it back to when I was young(er). Mum and dad would lay the “don’t you want to set a good example for your sisters?” line on me…ugh, back then I couldn’t have cared less but with age I have learned that this low form of parental blackmail holds a lot of significance & importance. I do want to set a good example for these two monkeys [and others]. Ultimately I want them to succeed, live healthy and eat right so I am motivated to lead by example.

Sidebar: My Spin instructor jumping off his bike to scream “push harder, faster, faster, faster!!!” all while grabbing for his Snickers bar …just doesn’t make any sense.

Today I pledge a lifestyle that is worthy of a following as it relates to your personal health and well-being!

We bought identical sister bracelets [From Target!] and made a pat we’d wear them everyday…Liana failed first, young people, smh.

Remember what/who inspires you. Take these thoughts with you when you leave for the gym or before you hit the court. Remembering what/who is most important may just help you achieve your goals, perform like a rockstar and sweat with purpose.

Works for me!

It’s Family Business: Time with Tianah, aka TP aka my cuz!

It must run in the family, my cousin has that gym junkie gene too! Let me introduce you to Tianah; beautiful, humble and lover of  family and friends, an intellectual and self aware individual living in Los Angeles, California.

Don’t mess with her family, don’t mess with her food and don’t dare bother her in the gym. Break her focus and she’ll break your neck! Haha, and you think I’m playing…

Our mothers being sisters make us first cousins so my love for her is second to none. I sit down with Tianah and gain some insight and inspiration from which we can all benefit from. Adapt her advice to your psyche and you will be a better you!

Heck, if you don’t believe me just check out her killer body!



Describe yourself in 5 words? Adventurous, Protective, Passionate, Loving, and Energetic.

Finish sentence …When I was young I wanted to be: involved with the performing arts and anything artistically creative. At an early age I would dance, sing and pretend which was basically acting. Above all I found dance to be my most favorite artistic expression and that’s where I began. I always felt like I was very in tune with my body and its movement, I have always been pretty well coordinated with rhythm from a young age. So I began ballet at age 4 and have been involved with music and dance for the majority of my life thus far. My involvement with dance led me to my interest in physical fitness and health awareness.

Briefly explain your weekly fitness routine? My weekly fitness regimen consists of 5 days of diverse workouts so I don’t bore myself. About three days out of my week I’ll focus on cardio and endurance, those days I’ll train at the gym in the cycling class, track, park and or stairs. I’ll do combinations of some day’s stairs and track, other days the park and running up the incline, or an hour in spin. The other two days I’ll do resistance training boot camps for my upper and lower body. Every day I work on my core strength, and flexibility. With my fitness routine I try to be well rounded and target as many areas of my body as possible.

Explain why maintaining regular exercise and eating healthy is important to you? Living a healthy lifestyle is very important because gives me balance in all other areas of my life and keeps me in a good space. I believe the mind, body and spirit are deeply connected and all need to be exercised to have a most harmonious life. To live a full life in good to great health is enough reason for me to stay health conscious throughout life.
Who motivates you? The real question is who doesn’t motivate me? ahaha I’m motivated on a daily basis by everyone whether it’s someone in or out of shape I’m inspired to continue my living this lifestyle to motivate others. I do admire mothers that manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have a career and take care of home. I look at them as the future me and what I want to be like when I get to that point in my life. So big ups to all the MILFs out there taking care of business lol.

Hardest body part to keep in check? My hardest body part to keep in check is my freaking thighs specifically my hamstrings, my Samoan genes have blessed me with huge thighs so I have to make sure I stay on top of my legs.

Favorite body part to work out? Funny enough that my legs are my problem area but I’ve learned to love my leg routines the most of all, this includes variations squats, leg press, lounges, step ups, stairs, and other creative exercises. I love the strength gained and the overall results I get from these routines.

Biggest (health-related) pet peeve is? My biggest health pet-peeve is when I’m training in the gym possibly doing super sets and someone is occupying equipment at the gym that their not using. For instance they may be standing there talking or just resting for extended periods of time. It’s bothersome for me because I come to get it in and leave, not to mingle lol lets get serious people.

Your best advice/tip for women trying to shed weight? My best advice for women wanting to lose weight is to first make sure you are working out for the right reasons. When I say this I mean, what is your motive behind living a healthy lifestyle? Is it superficial, just to impress others? Is it to maintain your physical health and overall well being? You need to validate your intentions, and this will determine your focus. Secondly I would suggest to them to come up with a realistic routine that works for them and stick by it until they can elevate to the next level. Don’t demand too much of yourself in the beginning, it’s a transition and it’s not easy. My routine works well for me and keeps me sane lol I eat clean and exercise throughout my entire week and then I give myself the weekend to recover from training and eat the foods that I love (in proportion of course).

My schedule prevents me from binge eating and allows me to enjoy life, food all while staying health conscious. It’s always great to find ways make your physical activities fun, try going roller skating, bike riding, hiking or play a few games of tennis to get your heart rate up and enjoy moving your body. Remember to keep a positive and focused attitude when you go to work out, eat foods like trail mix or protein that help raise your energy before you start. Try working to your fullest potential each session you train, it’s only a small portion of your day so dedicate yourself to it, using the go hard or go home mindset to remind you ahahahaha. Once again physical fitness is one component of living a well rounded and balanced life; this component affects other factions of your life so consider this as a positive addition to keeping in touch with yourself and releasing energy through physical outlet.

What makes a woman sexy? A sexy woman is one that can be herself, has a strong mindset, and natural beauty. I love to meet women that aren’t afraid to be themselves; they can accept their beauty and flaws with confidence and embrace who they are. I also admired Women that have positive and loving mindsets always making the best of a situation and understanding of others. Lastly, natural beauty is always sexy, not altering your appearance through surgery but through discipline, hard work and a realistic view of self is essential and very attractive.

Your best advice for men wanting to impress you in the gym? Lol The best advice I could give a guy that’s going out of his way to try to impress me in the gym is to not impress me because I’m not paying attention and I don’t like being interrupted during my workout. It’s impressive to see you really focused on what you’re doing not what I’m doing. (it’s as if you took these words from out of my mouth cuz, Amen!)

When is your Work Out DVD release date? Lol My workout DVD is TBA for the moment but when in stores or streamed Follow the Lita will be the first to be updated on the release because she is more than likely going to be in it! :p

(Tianah and I with our sisters; L-R: Namoi, T, me & Larryn)

MUSIC MOTIVATION: “Blind” by Game Rebellion


“Game Rebellion”

Let me put it like this;

You’ve already ran 4.5miles [and counting], you’ve conquered brutal hills, your shins are screams at you, the pit of your belly is thirsty and you’re sweating rivers. You’ve dodged traffic, sprinted through red lights and bounced off your toes to avoid pedestrians, check it, you even mustered effort energy to spin off the ignorant loser trying to get your attention and chucked the Heisman hand up to his equally pathetic friend who thinks it’s cute to attempt running beside you as long as he can before his saggy jeans hit the pavement, all this only to face another mile before you reach the front door & able to replenish on some Muscle Milk. What to do if there’s no NOS button to hit? Answer; Go “Blind” with Game Rebellion and turn the volume up …!!!

Let’s go to work ladies, let’s take it to the finish line!!! …my motivational music this week is “Blind” by GAME …get to know it.



Brooklyn-based GAME Rebellion has been electrifying the New York music scene for three years with their unique blend of hip-hop, punk, metal, and skank. Their intelligent lyrics, attention to history, culture, and politics, and the inherent fun and energy of their music makes them vital to today’s hop-hop scene.

– BAM;


Sounds Like A Riot – Game Rebellion


Garron Bible aka “GB” Talks Fitness

I see GB,

I tackle GB,

and force him to answer some questions! …

My dear friend and running partner Garron Bible talks fitness! A former football safety for Notre Dame and active athlete slash trainer throws us a little knowledge to the game. Let’s find out more about the dude they call “GB” and gauge where he’s coming from health wise…

1. Describe yourself in 5 words?

driven, competitive, inquisitive, grounded, athletic

2. What’s the deal on your athletic background?

I’m from Texas and grew up playing soccer, baseball, and football. I was a starter at Strong Safety for Notre Dame where I received my BA, and one year at the University of Delaware where I received my MA. It probably sounds a little crazy, but personally, athletics and the spirit of competition have always been my therapy and connection to life on Earth.  Some people pay thousands for therapy sessions, I workout.

3. Can you explain your role at the training facility you work at and how one would contact the facility for classes?

I have a great relationship with Velocity Sports Performance in Mahwah, NJ ( and work part time when needed as a Sports Performance Coach. My fellow SPC’s and I assist athletes of all ages and levels improve their overall speed, power, and agility.  Sean Donellan is the SPD and believe when I tell you he’s a mad scientist when it comes to strength and conditioning, as well as, sport specific performance training.  I also work with Jay Caldwell and assist him in the indoctrination/implementation of various Greco/Roman and MMA maneuvers and techniques for football athletes. Right now we’re working with a number of well known NFL players and should be touring a few of the nation’s elite D1-A Universities this Fall.

4. Those that know you well know you to be a very active dude. What are you trying to accomplish health/body wise? And how are you doing so?

Yea I try to stay pretty active.  Health/body wise I’m really just trying to feel and look the best I can.  In my opinion a healthy body translates to a healthy mind and vice versa.  The two need and feed off each-other. Overall health and wellness is always the goal.  body, mind, spirit.  As long as it’s an active athletic activity I’m down and I’m going to try and have fun with it.

To achieve this I do long distance running some days and other days I’ll incorporate some type of varying sprint work. With MY goals and at this point in my life cardio is my primary focus while strength training has become secondary.  Strength consists of high rep work and concentration on one muscle area a day.

5. You train women at the facility you work at, can you tell us some common mistakes/weaknesses you come across during a training session?

I don’t know if there are too many “mistakes” per se but females are usually more quad dominant which can lead to a imbalance of strength when comparing the quadriceps and hamstrings.  Females also tend to be weaker in upper body strength and therefore try to steer clear of any exercises which may help strengthen this area.  It’s always beneficial to work on ones weaknesses in athletics as well as life.  Some of the girls and women also tend to be a little more self-conscious when training.  I don’t know if that means a lack of confidence in themselves and their sports or if they don’t want to appear too masculine.?

6. Name one work out exercise you would recommend any woman looking to get in shape?

Probably “sumo-squats” because they cook the hamstrings, quads, and GLUTES.  in my experience women tend to really express a desire for a firm and “healthy” backside.  But to get “in shape” I would simply suggest whatever will have their heart rate elevated for a prolonged amount of time.  Interval training is good for both men and women.  oh yeah !! swimming and various “pool work” are pretty dope because they’re great metabolic exercise and are “low impact” on the joints.

7. Name a food you think women should cut completely out of their diets?!

I would recommend eating out of utility and not because of coping or comfort. find other outlets for those. that can go for men as well. but to answer the question whatever has huge amounts of sugar, calories, .  sodas, desserts, etc. women usually love ICE CREAM

8. What do you find most attractive about the female body? and why?

I tend to usually appreciate an overall athletic, lean, and toned body in a female. It kind of shows a sense of pride in their overall health and wellness, as well as, a commitment to how they look and feel. but mentally I appreciate someone who appreciates LIFE’S grander scheme and works towards that. like I said..mind, body, spirit. but hey that’s just me lol

Garron with good friends, also former Notre Dame football players…(L-R: Ryan Grant, Isaiah Gardner, Corey Mays, Garron Bible)

More on Garron:

You can keep tabs on GB by following him on Twitter –

Facebook, Garron Bibe –

GB blogs too, probably not as often as he should but check out his thoughts here –










Ladies, above GB recommends the “Sumo Squat” …follow this:

Grab a heavy dumbbell and hold an end with each hand at arm’s length in front of your waist. Set your feet about twice your shoulder width apart, your toes turned out slightly. Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees.

Pause, then push yourself back to the starting position. Keep your torso as upright as you can for the entire movement, with your lower back naturally arched.

Lita Speaks: Encourage & Promote Good Health

“Encourage your friends and family to eat clean & partake in regular exercise. There is nothing better than to promote health awareness and support the ones you love maintain, regain or start living a healthier lifestyle!”

I find working out with a friend meets two fulfilling requirements, quality time spent with a mate and the benefit of hard earned sweat! Live in love and get healthy! …LL