Advice On How To Conquer Self Doubt

#Message on #SelfDoubt — Have you ever found yourself inches from the finish line only to start doubting yourself? 😕

I don’t think I can do this…
I might fall short…
I won’t meet expectations…
I could fail… ❔

…Like many people I find myself drowning in self doubt from time to time. One of my biggest vices is asking for help when I need it most …Ms. Independent-I-don’t-need-no-help is my stupid idea of protecting myself but thank goodness for good friends. After sharing my insecurities with a dear friend he was quick to remind me that when we work hard towards any goal best believe the devil will get inside your head and work just as hard to steer you from achieving it, it is best to acknowledge self doubt comes from fear and FEAR IS A LIE/aka the devil. 😈

After marinating is this advice I’m learning to separate the doubt in my mind from the will in my heart. I think this is a common battle many of us can relate too. So I’m sharing, from one friend to another …when self doubt attacks learn to follow & be guided by what’s in your heart and ignore the negative distractions in your head! And! …be sure to smile, YOU GOT THIS! – Lita xox 💪❤👍



After Earth Excerpts

“If we are to survive this you must realize that fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Danger is very real but fear is a choice. ” – After Earth 👉 #movie 🎬

My anticipation for this movie was at about a 7. With Will & Jaden together (given Pursuit of Happiness was awesome) I had to bump it up to an 8. Buttttt if the excerpts above are a reflection of the dialogue than I’m rating my anticipation at a 9.5! Wait …😑 I hope y’all appreciate the transparency I show exposing my sad & lacking social life 😐 lol 🙊

#GymLife > #MovieLife = #MyLife 😊 #DontJudgeMe #iRant #Sorry #ButNotReally #MovieBuff 😛


Amped Up: Morning Cardio Routine

#MyMorningCardioRoutine: In hindsight I feel stupid complaining about riding a plateau for so long & expecting to see progress. How silly of me to make such a dumb mistake! 😣 << smack 👋

I would think, wth man, I’m training consistently and zero change! Well, once I slapped both my cheeks in the face I had an awakening – WORK HARDER LITA!!! Common mistake; consistent effort but no change, variety or increased intensity = Plateau City. Not a fun destination. 😒

Your body requires constant change & challenge in order to see continued results. Don’t play the fool, if you’re kicking yourself like I was perhaps your answer is this: Train harder, train smarter, increase that incline, run longer, change up your routines, do more reps, lift heavier …Don’t be afraid of the pain, it is only TEMPORARY, but the results, they will have you smiling forever! 😄

… IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR BEST, YOU CAN’T TRAIN LIKE THE REST! Beast out my little beastmoders! 💪

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Posing: Isometric Muscle Contractions

Who thinks isotonic exercises are tough?! Well have you ever tried holding isometric contractions for 90secs at a time?! Hellooo!!! #CollapseOverAChairStatus! 😪

An #Isometric contraction is a specific type of muscle contraction used in some forms of training and in #Posing. Neither the joint angle or the length of the muscle changes during this type of muscle contraction. It takes place while the body is in a static pose, without any range of motion. 💭

An #Isotonic exercise is just the opposite; a form of muscular exertion principally characterized by a change in both muscle length and joint angle. Also known as dynamic contraction, isotonic exercises typically involve the rhythmic, repetitive motion of large muscle groups. This is the type of muscular exertion that is most often used during strength training and cardiovascular exercise, resulting in net gains in muscular size, strength, and endurance. 💪

Isometric contractions of muscle can be really important for building muscle ‘strength’. Although those in my yoga class aren’t necessarily brawny they display impressive muscular strength, and are able to hold poses with ease & grace then anyone I know back in the weight room. Bingggg 💡 > I’m trying to develop muscular strength with posing! 😎

This will serve two essential purposes; 1. It works well for stretching your limbs, which many experts agree is just as important as strengthening them when trying to avoid injury AND 2. A vanity fix …holla 😌

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Build Muscle: 24hrs a day

#Message! How easy we forget that the process of building muscle is an around -the-clock routine; Train 👉 Eat 👉 Sleep. A straight forward formula that is too often neglected. 😞

Being the insomniac that I am the last line gets me every time! #GottoDoBetter 💤 …a body that is worked hard is a body deserving of rest! It is essential for muscle repair & muscle growth! If you’re anything like me, inconsistent with adequate rest you might need to check yo’self just as I am doing this very second!!! 😑 … #NewMantra 💪


HeyFranHey interviews Me

Caught on the yellow couch! @HeyFranHey asked me a few questions all Health & Fitness related. We had a lot of fun at my bro’s @netic place that day, he so kindly provided the couch, Fran provided the questions & I provided the answers …check out her YouTube channel on many tips/advice on holistic health & beauty; great do-it-at-home health recipes!!! ❤ YouTube: “HeyFranHey” … #QandAs #HeyFranHey #FollowTheLita





Tip: Bicep & Tricep Training

Bicep & Tricep Training; Tonight I was consciously focused on my ECCENTRIC movements. 💪 #MuscleContraction. Where the concentric contraction is the shortening of the muscle, eg. the upwards motion of a bicep curl, the eccentric contraction is the lengthening or downward motion of a curl.

I see it happen all the time, guys flopping the dumbbell in the eccentric motion after a strenuous curl, if this is you then you’re only benefiting from 50% of the overall movement!! Don’t neglect the eccentric maneuver of the exercise, if you do you are throwing away half of the gain! It may mean picking up a lighter dumbbell but if maximized results is the goal then give your concentration to the total motion.

When I am zoned in, focused on my form I really do feel a difference after my set is done, even with a much lighter dumbbell! Although my ego tells me I’m being whimpy 😏 my body Hi-5s me afterwards 👍

Proper form > Better execution > Avoid injury > Awesome results. That’s my tip for the evening, let’s get it right tomorrow, happy training!

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