Today’s Weigh In


Today’s weigh in: 163lbs/74kgs – 🙈

Hmm, so I’m down in body fat but evidently gained a little muscle. Sometimes it’s as if I just think the word muscle & I grow it! #GiftAndCurse 😏

I’ve gained 8lbs in 12days but feel leaner. Standing at 5’5 the charts, pies & graphs are telling me I’m absolutely overweight & at risk for a list of health issues, smh but I ain’t hearing it. #KissMy (_|_) 😌

I’m feeling stronger & running longer distances with more ease (increased my cardio endurance for sure!) so it’s time to change up the resistance training regime. No more heavy lifting (not that I was doing much of it 😳) instead I’ll switch it out for moderate-light weight at much higher reps. I’m not insecure about my weight, more concerned with feeling comfortable and I simply don’t want to carry too much more. If the scale exceeds 165+ I’m calling the WWF 😝

All this to say, tell your scales to kick rocks – Don’t let a scale reading fault your efforts, keep your chin high and adjust your approach as needed – BASED ON YOUR SPECIFIC GOALS. Also pay attention to how you feel, we often neglect what our bodies are trying to tell us because we’re more concerned with dropping 10lbs as quickly as possible! We also forget other contributing factors like, muscle weighing more than fat, nutrition, stress…etc. Focus more on building strong, capable bodies for health, strength & for yourself! ❤️💪

#AintAfraidOfTheScale #PolyProud #Genetics #BlackGirlsRock #Body #Strength #Health #FitChix #FitLife

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