What’s On Your Plate?


Meal number who the heck cares …I’m hungryyyyy!!!! 😫

1. Baked Tilapia: seasoned with no-salt Jamaican curry spice, cayenne pepper & turmeric.

2. Legumes: caramelized Spanish onion with kidney beans & chickpeas then lightly seasoned with onion powder and garden herbs.

3. Vegetables: steamed Brussels sprouts and carrots in lemon & lime juice, sprinkled with black pepper. 🍴

You haven’t even finished reading this and I’ve already finished everything on this here plate! #NomNom 😋

#CleanEating #FoodPorn #GetInMyBelly #PolynesianAppetite #Protein #Vegetables #Legumes #Fish #Peskatarian #EatingForAbs

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