Leg Routine


MONDAY IS LEG DAY!!! This is what it’s looking like for me tonight: 👉

1. 10min warm up on Stairmaster + 20 Pop squats

2. 30x Step Ups w/20lbs DB

3. Leg Press Drop Set (plate weight): 8x 360lbs > 10x 270lbs > 12x 180lbs > to failure @ 90lbs

4. Walking lunges, no weight 20steps minimum

5. Deadlift Drop Set: 4x 225lbs > 6x 205lbs > 10x 155lbs > 15x 135lbs

6. Body Squats w/35lbs plate to chest (ass to grass) – in standing position raise to toes (work those calves!) ☝

1 set of everything followed by 2 extra sets of #2 #4 and #6… 💃

Personally I finish with 30-45mins of cardio (jog or slow Stairmaster) but if you find yourself walking like a baby giraffe perhaps you should spend 10-12mins stretching and hit a low impact machine like the Elliptical. 💪

#Monday #LegDay #Workout #Training #MakeItCount #Quads #Hamstrings #Calves #Glutes #Booty #Body #Physique #Strong #Power #Health #DontForgetToSQUEEZE #BabyGiraffeStatus 😎

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