The Strength of a Woman


#FlashbackFriday #PSA: The strength of a woman is not determined by the amount of weight she lifts, curls, squats. Nor by the distance she runs or the quickness of her feet. It is not measured by the stretch in her pose or the make of sweat she creates. ➰

A woman’s strength is measured by the fact that she does. That she endures. Fearlessly and with resiliency, without mercy or excuse …she just does. ➰

The picture, the video you witness for a few seconds is a mere fraction of what it takes for change. Strength is not so much the action itself but in the will to remain consistent! ➰

For those that are wow’ed by your fav fitspiration’s training abilities and exclude yourself from being capable of achieving something similar I’ve got something to tell you – You do not have to be the strongest chick on the gym floor but you do need to remain consistent! ➰

Word of the day is: CONSISTENCY!!! 🌟

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