Egg White Omelette w/Baby Spinach & Sweet Potato

Egg White Omelette w/Baby spinach & Sweet Potato 🍴

Maybe it’s my man-like appetite, or perhaps it’s just my love of food but my regular scrambled egg whites barely satisfy (especially after fasted-cardio!) so I thought it was about time to solve this dilemma! 😎

I didn’t want to add any animal meat for a more fulfilling dish so instead I simply added baby spinach and sweet potato chunks to the pan, and then seasoned it with a pinch of sea salt and lots of cracked black pepper. If you know me well you’d know I put black pepper on black pepper, love it! πŸ˜›

This dish is easy-peezy and y’all know I’m no master chef (however, ya girl is getting better! 😌) so I promise, for a little bit more extra effort you’ll smash your appetite and feel fulfilled once this one is in your belly! What you need –

1. 5 egg whites (one yolk, optional)
2. Baby spinach, a handful
3. 3oz of cubed sweet potato (I wash the root vigorously and keep the skin on before boiling [8-10mins] – drain & season with black pepper; Purpose: extra fiber.)
4. Squeeze fresh lemon on top – and done! πŸ‘

A hearty, fulfilling breakfast, fuelling your tank with protein, slow energy releasing carbs and a good amount of fiber! ENJOY! πŸ˜‹

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