Advice On How To Conquer Self Doubt

#Message on #SelfDoubt — Have you ever found yourself inches from the finish line only to start doubting yourself? 😕

I don’t think I can do this…
I might fall short…
I won’t meet expectations…
I could fail… ❔

…Like many people I find myself drowning in self doubt from time to time. One of my biggest vices is asking for help when I need it most …Ms. Independent-I-don’t-need-no-help is my stupid idea of protecting myself but thank goodness for good friends. After sharing my insecurities with a dear friend he was quick to remind me that when we work hard towards any goal best believe the devil will get inside your head and work just as hard to steer you from achieving it, it is best to acknowledge self doubt comes from fear and FEAR IS A LIE/aka the devil. 😈

After marinating is this advice I’m learning to separate the doubt in my mind from the will in my heart. I think this is a common battle many of us can relate too. So I’m sharing, from one friend to another …when self doubt attacks learn to follow & be guided by what’s in your heart and ignore the negative distractions in your head! And! …be sure to smile, YOU GOT THIS! – Lita xox 💪❤👍


One thought on “Advice On How To Conquer Self Doubt

  1. Hi lita! first luv u!!!! could u post your lower body workout, i only get to check on twitter and here=) thank you love -team fitbody!

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