Thigh Talk …Again!

This picture is totally deceiving! Lol, these thighs are coming down, I swear it, it’s true! My pants are fitting differently however I felt no need to pose in them to prove this point lol … Great workout today, hit the gym 3 times, started with a 7mile run this morning & ended with a 6mile run post PM workout 💪💪💪 (shout out to the Knicks & Celtics game that kept me entertained on that dreaded treadmill!) …I’m well on track to dropping another 3lbs by Saturday! #iWill 🙏 I mean, clearly I’m taking these goals seriously, just not myself seriously 😜 …hit you guys tomorrow, it’s way passed my bedtime! Good night lovers – Lita xox 💜 #TaroLegs #MissionLeanOut #CardioCity #Thighs #Legs #SamoanThoroughbred lol #PrayForMe lol


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