Muscle > Heavier Than Fat

Muscle > HEAVIER THAN FAT! So don’t be too discouraged when you’ve busted your behind all week, putting in that extra work, increased your load, fought hard for the few extra reps, dieted intensely, added sparring to your routine and ran a total of 12miles per day only for the damn scale to tell you that you gained weight!!!!!! …dang, smh, please excuse this rant, for those that know me, y’all know I have clearly just uploaded this post of myself to myself, haha. 😂

I gained 4lbs guys, smh, this definitely was a surprise when I weighed in this morning …BUT I’m still wearing my smile!!! ☺

Gotto stay focused … #KeepPushing …”FALL 7 TIMES, STAND UP 8!” #NoQuitInMe 💪


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