Amped Up: Morning Cardio Routine

#MyMorningCardioRoutine: In hindsight I feel stupid complaining about riding a plateau for so long & expecting to see progress. How silly of me to make such a dumb mistake! 😣 << smack πŸ‘‹

I would think, wth man, I’m training consistently and zero change! Well, once I slapped both my cheeks in the face I had an awakening – WORK HARDER LITA!!! Common mistake; consistent effort but no change, variety or increased intensity = Plateau City. Not a fun destination. πŸ˜’

Your body requires constant change & challenge in order to see continued results. Don’t play the fool, if you’re kicking yourself like I was perhaps your answer is this: Train harder, train smarter, increase that incline, run longer, change up your routines, do more reps, lift heavier …Don’t be afraid of the pain, it is only TEMPORARY, but the results, they will have you smiling forever! πŸ˜„

… IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR BEST, YOU CAN’T TRAIN LIKE THE REST! Beast out my little beastmoders! πŸ’ͺ

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3 thoughts on “Amped Up: Morning Cardio Routine

  1. Lita u totally inspire me. I was just saying how for the last 3 weeks I haven’t lost any weight. I hit that brick wall so hard I almost bounced back. Then I read ur previous post about tightening up the diet and working out a just a lil harder. And so this week I’m in beast mode. My aim is a 2lb weight loss. Keep them post coming!

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