Escape The Gym & Hit The Turf

It’s not always eating steel plates, squat racks & dumbbells. Today I tested myself out on this here turf and it looked like this —

1⃣ 10mins warm up
2⃣ High knees
3⃣ Butt kicks
4⃣ 40yard sprints
5⃣ 40yard Leap Frog
6⃣ Backwards sprints
7⃣ Walking lunges + sprints
8⃣ Lateral jumps + 50 jump’n jacks
9⃣ 30sec Mountain climbers + sprints
🔟 Ab workout; 1000reps
…go home, shower, eat & watch the playoffs!!!! 🏀


#TrackWork #Drills #Vibrams #Brooklyn #Fitspiration #DoWork #Sprints #Cardio #Sunday #Workout #ChangeUp #TurfWork #Movement #OnAMission #Beastmode #FollowTheLita


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