SheHulk Problems

…another episode of the non-fit fitting room dilemma. Anyone ever accidently rip a garment and tell the attendant that you picked up a faulty item? Yea, me neither 🙊 lol 😂

Or my favorite …ever struggled to fit your body into something only to spend the next 15mins with your biceps glued to your ears, huffing and puffing to get that thing off? Looks much like a physical altercation between you and a piece of clothing??! Lol, cough-cough yea me neither 😆 …who would live in that sort of denial?! Smh, the shame lol …OK, enough bs’in, it’s time for center stage, GYM TIME! 💪

#HulkGirlProblems lol #TeamSpandex #LycraAllDay #MustScretch #Fitspiration #Muscles #Bulk #TheStruggle


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