Little Extras = Big Victory

Earlier this week I set a goal, to lose 2lbs by the end of the week — well, I weighed in this morning and BAM, 3LBS DOWN!!! I don’t mean to toot my own horn but TOOT-TOOT 😂

As a really stubborn weight loser I am over the moon at this weeks progress. I busted my behind all week long, gave a little extra to each workout, tighten my diet, kept my thoughts positive & my efforts on beastmode, and well, I came out on top! ✊

Never underestimate the power of the ‘little’ extras you give towards everything you do. This week I am reminded that it’s these little extras, on a consistent basis that equate to a BIG victory! ❤

I am better than I was 6 days ago! ARE YOU SETTING YOUR WEEKLY GOALS?!!!

#Goals #Victory #Challenge #Fitspiration #Abs #Core #Body #Lean #Cardio #Workout #Dieting #Beastmode #DoWork #KeepGoing


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