My mother said… You’re thick, you’re solid & you are beautiful, stop dieting and just redefine what a healthy body looks! (and if we had this conversation in person she probably would have smacked me on the back of the head too haha) …man, I love this woman!

The point my mother was making has more to do with health, dieting in moderation and not trying to fit into a cookie cutter mould that society is labelling as ‘healthy’ or ‘beautiful’ …For me however I’ve made a choice to be a Figure competitor so my specific goals require a specific diet/training …for a Samoan mother, this is difficult to understand, lol. She’s more concerned that her daughter is simply healthy and not in the kitchen weighing all her food like a mad scientist. 😂

But this conversation got me to thinking 💡—

Many of you, myself included are following people on IG for motivation & inspiration. This is all wonderful but never should we become overly obsessed with trying to mould ourselves into mirroring a body ‘type’ that is not our own! Reaching your own personal goals is an amazing thing, owning your beauty, taking control of your health, being comfort in your own skin is an incredibly thing! 😊

To all women, of all shapes and sizes – EMBRACE YOUR BODY, YOUR SHAPE & YOUR BEAUTY – after all, we are all unique and perfectly created. – Lita ❤


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