MOTIVATION: A Fire From Within

I am always humbled when somebody reaches out and shares that I have been a source of motivation to them. For me there is no greater feeling knowing you have somehow contributed to another’s efforts towards obtaining health, reaching goals and setting out to change his/her life for the better! #LoveIt! ❤

However I think it’s important to share that MOTIVATION should come primarily from within. When we are our own source of motivation there will never be a limited supply. It’s when we rely to heavily on others to keep us from falling off the wagon that we are guaranteed to fall short with our own efforts (God forbid IG goes down for any longer than a few hours! #ShockHorror!) #NoOooOo 😱

I’m a big believer in; …not relying on others when YOU are capable. And you are capable! ✊

When you are your own biggest, loudest cheerleader you will win for a lifetime …and not part time. 💪

Ignite your own FIRE of MOTIVATION by acknowledging your self worth, prioritizing what is important and loving yourself enough to know that your goals deserve a real chance! Let’s get fired up for a stellar week ahead – Lita xox 🔥

#Motivation #Inspire #Fitspiration #Fire #Cheerleader #YouCanDoIt #iWill


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