Posing: Isometric Muscle Contractions

Who thinks isotonic exercises are tough?! Well have you ever tried holding isometric contractions for 90secs at a time?! Hellooo!!! #CollapseOverAChairStatus! 😪

An #Isometric contraction is a specific type of muscle contraction used in some forms of training and in #Posing. Neither the joint angle or the length of the muscle changes during this type of muscle contraction. It takes place while the body is in a static pose, without any range of motion. 💭

An #Isotonic exercise is just the opposite; a form of muscular exertion principally characterized by a change in both muscle length and joint angle. Also known as dynamic contraction, isotonic exercises typically involve the rhythmic, repetitive motion of large muscle groups. This is the type of muscular exertion that is most often used during strength training and cardiovascular exercise, resulting in net gains in muscular size, strength, and endurance. 💪

Isometric contractions of muscle can be really important for building muscle ‘strength’. Although those in my yoga class aren’t necessarily brawny they display impressive muscular strength, and are able to hold poses with ease & grace then anyone I know back in the weight room. Bingggg 💡 > I’m trying to develop muscular strength with posing! 😎

This will serve two essential purposes; 1. It works well for stretching your limbs, which many experts agree is just as important as strengthening them when trying to avoid injury AND 2. A vanity fix …holla 😌

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