Double Impact

This was a wall-sit turned selfie …typical 😌

Later I’ll share some of my favorite Plyometric exercises that I’ll no doubt be attacking to tame these thunder thighs in the next coming weeks. I’ve noticed a lot of women want to know more about Plyometric Training so I will deliver soon! To my male followers, slimming your legs down is not what you’re commonly requesting (and certainly not what us women are asking of you, ha (I am a #BigFanOfMenWithBigLegs lol) but I’ll be taping a good heavy squat session for my up-coming YouTube videos so perhaps that’ll satisfy for some decent inspiration 😉

…Ok, back to my current workout; I’m on the track and this little chubby kid is trying to race me each time I pass him, too cute!!!! …but I ain’t about to let him beat me 😤 lol #Need2ChillWithMyCompetitiveAss 😂

#Fitspiration #Thighs #Thunder #Selfie #Legs #LowerBody #Plyometrics #UA #Fitspo #Workout #Grind #Goals #Quads #Hamstring #Beastmode #FollowTheLita ❤


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