Do More Of What You Hate To Do


#HurtsSoGood …Snippets from last nights Back & Shoulders workout, featuring another pair of these super comfortable #UA trainers 👍

…so something dawned on my last night during my workout, it seems strange that the back & shoulders muscles are my favorite muscles to train and yet I found myself complaining & grunting over having to do > 1. Standing Upright Rows with Barbell 😒 > 2. T-Bar 😣 and > 3. Standing Lateral Raises using a Cable 😖 – MY LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISES …aaarrghhhhh, me no likey 😩😫😩

… Ok so the dawning was; ah, maybe I hate em’ because I need to do them more often 💡😳💡 …😑

Conclusion; there’s a reason behind your disgust for specific exercises, perhaps they are more challenging and your body is saying …ohhhmann, this one stings!… I’ve diagnosed my own solution 👉 Do them ’till you LOVE ‘EM!!! What the body finds challenging the body needs more of! If change is your aim, push yourself, TRAIN OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE! – Lita 💪

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