Share Your Goals

My testament; Tame the thunder!! Here are the ham hocks I was tweeting about yesterday lol. Bless my SAMOAN THIGHS but they must go …and by go I mean change! 😀

My biggest goal this time around is to LEAN these suckers OUT and create more LINES & DEFINITION …(refer to the Adonis pic below! #Inspiration) πŸ™Œ

More than any other body part I get the most compliments for my legs, which to me is very uncanny seeing they are my biggest nemesis! So, here’s too those that are going to tell me that I don’t need to change them …please hush up lol, my goal is MY goal and no business of yours! 😜

OK finally, MY MESSAGE; pay no mind to the opinions of others, when you set your own personal goals everyone else’s ideals are irrelevant and a waste of sound your ears can live without! πŸ™‰

Tip! πŸ‘‰ Share your goals with fam/friends that care & support you. Vocalizing what you plan to do helps keep you accountable! More importantly when you are honest & claim a goal with sincere intent the universe will miraculously help you achieve it. For example, by sharing this goal with y’all I’m almost positive somebody is going to suggest killer training techniques, offer to be a training partner, or perhaps another lesbian will offer to give me free deep tissue massages lol… SHARE YOUR GOALS FRIENDS, AND GET BUSY!!! – Lita ❀


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