Hate Is A Strong Word

I don’t use the word HATE very often but when I do I truly mean it from the pit of my soul! I hate disappointing myself & I hate using pointless excuses to cover up disappointments. #FAIL!!! 😠

Disregard this smile completely, although I had a freakin’ blast over the weekend with my amazing fit fam crew I totally derailed myself from eating clean and putting myself through a worthy workout. Smh! 😏

I fell to temptation when the spread of party food was laid out on the kitchen bench & gave what I called a blahhh effort to my weekend cardio, smh. To top off my pitiful efforts I also lacked adequate sleep and woke up sick as a dog this morning. 😣🔫

I know many of you are thinking damn Lita, chill, a little weekend cheat can’t possibly put you back by much …well guess what, you’re wrong. Extraordinary change requires extraordinary discipline! One more time for the hardheaded (myself included!) 👉 EXTRAORDINARY CHANGE REQUIRES EXTRAORDINARY DISCIPLINE! 💪

Now I know your goals may differ from mine but my message to you today is simple; you’re goals & dreams deserve a REAL chance which requires your ABSOLUTE BEST, void of ALL excuses. Sharing my faults are just as important as sharing my triumphs – mistakes happen, but when we fall we MUST GET BACK UP! YOUR BEST & NOTHING LESS! – Lita xox ❤

#Fitspiration #Disappointment #Fail #Discipline #Cheat #Shoulders #SamoanThighs 😑 lol #Selfies #Message #Inspire #Motivate #ExposingMyFaults …xox



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