#TRANSFORM – We all make excuses in life, and I am certainly no exception …but then one day I woke up and abandoned all of them. My body started to transform the very day I decided that what I wanted to achieve was much greater than any excuse I had. Note: Excuses will cripple you. Excuses weaken your will. πŸ‘ˆ

When your will for change exceeds your comfort to remain the same all sorts of awesome happen! πŸ˜‰

People commonly ask ‘how’d you do it?’ …and my answer is simple; I reevaluated my life’s priorities, I set specific goals and accepted that the journey ahead of me was not going to be easy. Note: Hard work & discipline will sting you, it’ll hurt, perhaps even test your spirit. The first step is to be fully aware & accept that there will be hurdles you’ll need to jump before reaching any finish line. ✊

I was recently told that I make this look easy, and boy let me tell you, I laughed so hard I curled over. NO! HELL NO! This is NOT easy. I share pictures, I share stories but I DO NOT share my entire life. My weekly grind begins at 6:15AM & I walk through my front door by 11:30PM. Everything in between is no stroll in the park, but I wake each day knowing I have 24hrs to test myself against life & come out on top. I stay ready to leap over hurdles and the excuses that tend to plague my conscious I’ve learned to shake them loose. Note: I win 😎

Do you want to change? ANS: abandon ALL EXCUSES, understand & accept that HARD WORK is required EVERY DAY and practice jumping hurdles πŸ˜‰ I love you all, happy Friday! ❀

#Fitspiration #Inspire #Motivate #Fitness #Health #Smile #NoExcuses #Hardwork #Discipline #Change #Transform #DoWork #BeAboutIt #Core #Strength #Superwoman #SheHulk #Love #FollowTheLita xox


  1. This was great! You’re definitely an inspirational person, I really want to change my life around and now that you’re saying it wasn’t easy for you but you’re there now makes me want to continue to fight. Thank you!

  2. Ahhhh, so we’ve met. LOL You have just told me about myself. I can make all kinda excuses & why not for myself. I’m glad I have found your blog & I do hope you continue so I can follow along. I REALLY need to change my eating, lazy ,bad habit ways. I wish you well in all your endeavors.

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