Be: The Beauty AND The Beast



Attn Ladies; There is no reason why you can’t be The Beauty AND The Beast …wink…

Let’s teach our babies, our daughters and fellow sisters alike not to fear breaking stereotypes! You can be a classy lady, girly-like with your fashionista self, strutting those 6’inch stilettoes, whippin’ that hair and pout-pluckin’ those lips andddd dare I say it …even wear pink! AND STILL BEAST OUT! Building a strong, capable and feminine physique is my idea of BEAUTY. I don’t know who said you had to pick one over the other but I ain’t trying to hear them! I am Team Beauty & Beast! Earn it, claim it, shine! – Lita xox

#BeautyAndTheBeast #Lady #Beast #Feminine #Woman #TeachTheBabies #Stereotypes #GymRat #LoveYourelf #LoveOthers #Shine #FollowTheLita

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