HeyFranHey interviews Me

Caught on the yellow couch! @HeyFranHey asked me a few questions all Health & Fitness related. We had a lot of fun at my bro’s @netic place that day, he so kindly provided the couch, Fran provided the questions & I provided the answers …check out her YouTube channel on many tips/advice on holistic health & beauty; great do-it-at-home health recipes!!! ❤ YouTube: “HeyFranHey” … #QandAs #HeyFranHey #FollowTheLita





2 thoughts on “HeyFranHey interviews Me

  1. Hello Lita, My nickname is Neena…and found out about your work through Hey Fran Hey. The video was super helpful and glad you two did it. I want to know your thoughts on “cleansing” though, do you do those? If so why or why not?

    Thanks for being a beautiful inspiration!

    • I think a good “healthy” cleanse is great, I am not against them but have never tried any specific type myself, however many I know like to do a cleanse before kick starting a new diet plan. For me however I feel no need, I start my day by drinking 20 oz of water with a squeeze of lemon water and I feel that is enough of a natural and simple cleanse each and every day. People like to complicate a diet, but again for me I’m just a fan of BEING ABOUT IT… just start eating clean, plenty of greens, vegetables and whole grains and meats and that in itself will be a cleanse …it’s amazing how much of a change you’ll feel after 5-7days of good wholesome clean eating!

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