#TBT – 2012 Progress Shots

#TBT #2012ProgressPics and #LMAO …when I first started contest prep training I was giddy, always cheesin’, showing off all teeth, like top AND bottom rows, lol but as my training intensified and my coach tighten up my diet well so did my facial expression, lol. After piecing these 3 pictures together I couldn’t help but laugh out aloud, literally. It’s funny how something I have learned to love so much makes me smile much less, LOL. Just playing of course, I enjoy the thrill AND the hardships of this type of competition, so much in fact I take what I do very seriously. So I’m sharing this throwback pic-stitch for a few reasons;

1. If you train hard you can absolutely change your genetics (I hate to draw emphasis to my quads but I def pat myself on the back when I can see the development I was able to achieve, booyah!)

2. If you clean up your diet and make better nutritional choices (Refer to my “Eat Clean” post) wonderful things will appear in the mirror …like a few abs for instance

3. ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IS WORTH WORKING FOR and your physique is not an exception! …I get pretty tired of people telling me I’m blessed with great genetics and therefore it has been easier for me to build the body I carry – RUBBISH! Truth is I WORK EXTREMEY HARD every single day & around the clock. I am blessed to have natural mass and a solid frame but I have my problem areas like everyone else; my fat is stubborn and hard to move, I tend to carry water in my upper thighs (ugh), I am completely carb sensitive, I have A LOT of work to do in order to achieve the body that I want for my next comp so don’t ever think that having ‘good genes’ is a plus that voids you from having to WORK! #BeatsChest & #DropsMic and walks…

…kinda ironic that my smile fades and simultaneously my body transforms. “Hat down low, I be in that mode, beastmode baby!!” – yea, I’m about that life! ARE YOU??!

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3 thoughts on “#TBT – 2012 Progress Shots

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I’m doing my first show in June. I started about 22 weeks out. And my first progress pics were all smiles. Im 14 weeks out, and smiling? “nobody got time fo dat!” This is serious business! But im definitely enjoying the ride!!! Good luck to you!!!!!

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