Tip: Bicep & Tricep Training

Bicep & Tricep Training; Tonight I was consciously focused on my ECCENTRIC movements. 💪 #MuscleContraction. Where the concentric contraction is the shortening of the muscle, eg. the upwards motion of a bicep curl, the eccentric contraction is the lengthening or downward motion of a curl.

I see it happen all the time, guys flopping the dumbbell in the eccentric motion after a strenuous curl, if this is you then you’re only benefiting from 50% of the overall movement!! Don’t neglect the eccentric maneuver of the exercise, if you do you are throwing away half of the gain! It may mean picking up a lighter dumbbell but if maximized results is the goal then give your concentration to the total motion.

When I am zoned in, focused on my form I really do feel a difference after my set is done, even with a much lighter dumbbell! Although my ego tells me I’m being whimpy 😏 my body Hi-5s me afterwards 👍

Proper form > Better execution > Avoid injury > Awesome results. That’s my tip for the evening, let’s get it right tomorrow, happy training!

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