Pre Bikram Stretchhh

A little pre stretch before I bounce off to my bikram class! I’m always the “bulky” one bustin her ass not to be the first to fall out of pose, lol but NOT TODAY!!!

I’m limber, warmed up & ready not to lose!!! Lol …I’m getting better with every class but nowhere near as flexibility as I should be, but I’m determined!

And ayeeee, enough! I know you yoga masters & enthusiasts are thinking wth is she doing?! Well to you, sticks and stones man, sticks andddd stones, ya words can’t hurt me! πŸ˜‚ …I may just be able to post a very impressive yoga pose in a few weeks time …(cough cough, a few months time 😏) and impress the pants off your behind! 😌

…#Bikram #HotYoga #Stretch #Flexibility #Pose #Fitspiration #WarmUp #TheBulkyGirlJustFellAgain πŸ˜– lol #FollowTheLita

…and just for the record, these bones ain’t breaking off no stick or stone, #SamoanStrong hollaaaa ✊




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