Water Baby

Dear Future Husband, here’s a glimpse of what I’ll look like at 5months pregnant! 😜 …no like literally, in gym gear ready to get my baby-safe beastmode on 😎

…Given the ridiculous amount of energy I have I can only hope that I’m just as active as an expecting mommy. The goal is to breed superhuman, spartan crazy, Jedi savvy, ninja-like, fearless warriors that will one day be the leaders of the new world!!!! …ok, enough πŸ˜‘ #ButIReallyBeThinkingLikeThat lol

This is me playing in the mirror after drinking a protein shake and half a gallon of H2O post workout, hellooo bellyyyy!

In conclusion, and this deserves capital case; I AM NOT PREGNANT …well not with a child, this is certainly a water bubba bump though. Ok, I’m hungry, byeee…

#WaterBaby #Friday #Workout #GymRat #FakingPregnancyIsNotCool #DrinkingAProteinShakeIs … #Goofy … ☺❀πŸ’ͺ
… Sports bra by @Nike, Leggings by @UnderArmour


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