You need wings if you want to soar …and that is exactly what I plan to do! Did BACK & SHOULDERS on Monday and boy are they giving me grief tonight, 48hrs DOMS – (Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness) OuchhChaaMama! It’s that love-hate feeling you have when it’s extremely difficult not to mention painful to remove a sweat drenched sports bra from over your head (sometimes I cramp up & get stuck mid way, then opt out of that route & over stretch my underwear by feeding it down my thick frame!) ha, well there’s a funny visual on the house lol. #Blooppp 😊

But I’m not complaining, you all know me, LOVE THE PAIN! #NoPainNoGain ——– #Fitspiration #TeamFitness #Back #Shoulders #Fly #Soar #SkyHigh #Workout #Gym #Build #Muscle #Superwoman #SheHulk…

…Exercises I love 👉
BACK: Lat Pull Downs (wide & narrow grip), T-Bar rows, Pull Ups (wide & narrow grip), Seated Rows, Row Machine, Reserve Cable Flies
SHOULDERS: Seated Shoulder Press, DB standing single arm press, seated lateral raises machine, DB front & lateral raises – Pow! Make that body scream for mercy!!!!

Come fly with me, come flyyyy awayyyy lol 😎


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