Make The Necessary Change. Avoid Plateaus

Shirt tag out and no pants, heyyy nobody is perfect lol. As my girl @nikkinac would say “I like to wear all black to the gym because I be killin’ sh*t”…Ninja like! Sidenote; I wore pants while working out 🙈) …treated this body to a little extra cardio this morning, felt great. I got a little comfortable with my usual morning run so I made the necessary change to add a little more speed & increase the incline …finished a 5miler with a 300m sprint and needless to say I got the jelly leg walk going on, success! Happy Humpty Hump Day friends & fam ………… 💦💦💦💦💦💦 #Fitspiration #MissNoPants #Wednesday #Cardio #Workout #TeamFitness #UA #Sweat #Black #Body #Muscle #FollowTheLita ❤


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