Avoiding an Active Lifestyle in Fear of Losing Your Curves?!

Are you avoiding an active lifestyle in fear of losing your curves? #IsThatYou ?? 😵 Read on; Although I’ve always had a solid frame I never owned the type of curves I have today. There is no need to fear losing your curves when you can BUILD THEM …rounder, tighter and firmer!!! ✊👊✊ My personal preference will always have me lean towards building ‘athletic’ looking curves opposed to having say a fat a$$ (yea I said it 😜) …working towards & maintaining an athletic physique has its benefits too, HEALTH! Owning a strong, healthy & capable body, now that’s a win in my book! (Sidenote; I like fat a$$’ too, just not on my own backside 😜)

LEG BUSTER!!! Sharing a Track routine I use to LOVE-HATE; 😎
👟 6x stairs/bleachers Sprints
👟 3x sets on each leg – Single leg hops 15-20 steps
👟 3x 30m Leap Frog immediately followed by 40m sprints (perform these in the middle of the track, on grass)
👟 3x100m @ 75-85% max speed
👟 2x200m @ 85% max speed
👟 1x300m @ 100% max speed
> No resting between sets, catch your breath in the time it takes you to walk back to the starting point. If you’re feeling gangsta you can choose to lunge back (I’m hesitant to add this, but if you’re crawling back then perhaps it’s best you decrease your speed) – but always remember; what doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you … 😎 #Fitspiration #Legs #Wheels #Gams #Thighs #Curves #Track #Workout #SprintDrills …can’t wait for the weather to break so I can be some spikes again!


One thought on “Avoiding an Active Lifestyle in Fear of Losing Your Curves?!

  1. You look great. I must say, I was afraid to lose my 28″waist and 40″ hips until I saw ‘Buffy the Body’ on youtube. Now I workout without fear.

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