Want Abs? Stop eating BS!

Clean. Squeaky clean. I’m referring to my eating habits and POW, core is tightening up. #Warning: Long winded message below — 😎—

There is nothing ridiculously complicated about eating a clean, healthy diet. I think people are often misguided and think the fanciest supplements on the market are the ‘secret’ to a hardbody and washboard abs, no, truth is we can get all the nutrients we need from following some key principals & adopting healthy lifestyle habits. 1/2/3; Healthy Fats, Carbs & Protein, get to know them. There are so many crash diets out there but what I find most realistic, that can be adopted into every day life and hence become consistent lifestyle habits …is to eat 5-6 meals throughout the day… I’m not a licensed nutritionist so I’m not going to pose as one, but I do want to spark your interest so you may want to do your own research into a well balance diet that is right for you/your body type. And also to understand that consistent eating every few hours will be a benefit to you and your health Vs. the ‘magic’ pills, fad diets etc, …I’m here to encourage & promote a healthy lifestyle and not to applaud unhealthy weight loss or excessive mass gains in record time. Think HEALTH before anything else my friends …(and for those that will ask, all I’m currently taking is essential vitamins, C, D, E and B complex and downing a whey protein shake post workout in the evenings.) …..SUMMARY: Want abs? STOP EATING BS!!! ☺ Love ya 😎 ……..#Fitspiration #Abs #CleanEating #CleanDiet #UnderArmour #Nike #Gym #Workout #Body #Fitness #Health ❤💪❤💪❤💪


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