What Makes You Strong? ANS: Discipline

It isn’t the amount of weight I curl, or the load I lift or the speed I run at that makes me strong. It is the DISCIPLINE I apply on a night like tonight, a Friday night when I am utterly exhausted after a long week and mentally drained by work life. It is the #NoExcuses attitude I adopt because I recognize that HARD WORK = RESULTS. And that my friends is what makes me strong! How strong are you? ……..How bad do you want it, I mean really want it? … well listen up YOUR DESIRE FOR CHANGE MUST BE GREATER THAN YOUR DESIRE TO REMAIN THE SAME. Hard work, discipline, sacrifice – make sweet love to these words, acknowledge the power in them, understand them, respect them – DO WORK! #Fitspiration #Fitspo #Friday #Workout #Hardwork #Discipline #sacrifice #gym #Gymrat #strong #body #figure #physique #packers #muscle #superwoman #FollowTheLita ❤


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