Even the Strong are Weak

#LitaExposed; I’ve learned that my greatest weakness is not having the courage to ask for help, especially when I need it most. I’ve learned that lacking bravery diminishes ones true strengths, and that efforts without courage will fall short of obtaining any goal or quest. I’ve learned that it pains me to expose a weakness/admit to needing help/to say I cannot do something, and for what reasons, I cannot be sure. Perhaps it’s my pride and ego that feels the need to hold on to the tough-girl card I’ve owned for so long and wave it proudly over my head or maybe a role I’ve adopted as a young teen when caring for my sisters became a fundamental duty at home. Whatever the cause, I recognize it now and do my best to improve upon it each day …….. After all, even the strongest, toughest, alpha Lion needs to rest in the shade after enduring a battle… …. … …. And.I.am.that.Lion … 😊 #Exposed #ToughDay #Vulnerable #Sharing #DearDiary #Strength #Weakness #InnerSelf #Courage #Help #Lion #Lioness #Leo #Pride #Ego #NoJudgement #Love #Hate #FollowTheLita ❤


One thought on “Even the Strong are Weak

  1. Oh this is so true, and sometimes all you want is someone to ask that simple question, but everyone assumes nothing para you cuz a lot doesn’t and when something does you fight through it…. still nice to have someone ask… and I’m learning, now that I’m almost 30, that it sometimes feels really good and freeing to be STRONG enough to be honest and say no….

    On a side note, as someone who’s wasted about 6 years not making my fitness and overall health the priorities they should be, I love and appreciate you and all you do. Inspirational to say the least!

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