Distraction Free Gets The Job Done

Flex & Smile …even when you’ve had a tough day 😣 …My Monday night workout went say-so, I got thru an all-body routine just fine however a bad attitude plagued my mental game. A rough day meant my evening workout was tougher than it ought to be simply because my mind set wasn’t 100% in the game, fail. 😞 My advice tonight friends; when you step up on that gym floor do so with a specific goal in mind, then wipe clear every other distraction, be it the chatter box girl looking for your advice or a negative attitude carried from your day or past, let it all go, zone in & focus. In order to maximize your full potential you must commit, body and mind! Always give 100%, eye of the tiger, brow of the bull – GET IT DONE BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, GET IT DONE RIGHT! … #Win 😉❤💪 #NoAbsTonight lol #Smh 😑 #HoldingWater #FatToBurn 💃 #Fitspiration #Fitspo #Instagood #Muscles #Biceps #Smile #Workout #Monday #Beastmode #SheHulk #Superwoman #DoWork #Focus #Flex #Attitude #FollowTheLita



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