VIDEO: Inspiration at its finest

A twitter friend shared this link with me and it literally brought me to tears. I will forever be moved by the human spirit. It is undeniably the greatest of all gifts each and every one of us possess inside our souls. I think many shy and hinder to acknowledge their own true strengths, perhaps unknowing of what they are truly capable of, or more commonly, perhaps they are simply too afraid to uncover their own greatness. Nonetheless, I know there is a greatness in all of us.

Please watch this video, this man made a choice to better himself, commit to a plan and in just 10 months lost 140lbs. From being unable to walk without assistance to now running and sprinting like the next man …I salute him for this hard work, resilience and sheer discipline!


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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Inspiration at its finest

  1. Hi! Do you have a Facebook account? Would love to follow your journey. You are truly an inspiration and I need the motivation 🙂

  2. It was sad at 1st… I started getting a little emotional. At times, I feel the way he did… Imma big girl and people tell me that I would never be small. I kinda understand how he felt at first… But, I’m so very haaappyyy he overcame👍👊✊ and lost all the weight. U go boiiiii.

  3. WOW man I needed that im a 343lb man and I needed a boost. Between the music and video I’m emotional crying and inspired. Thanks Lita I love you girl.

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